10 Oppn parties question whether govt is intentionally prolonging Manipur crisis

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Imphal: With no sign of resolving the more than six-month-long crisis unfolding in Manipur, 10 like-minded opposition political parties on Thursday questioned whether the centre and the Manipur government are intentionally prolonging the crisis.

Addressing a press conference at Manipur Press Club in Imphal, leaders of the 10 political parties –AAP, AIFB, AITC, CPI, CPI(M), INC, JDU, NCP, RSP and SS(LBT) – flayed that the prevailing situation in the state is almost similar to having two separate administrations.

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Spokesperson of the opposition bloc, Khondram Gyaneshwor said that there is a suspicion that the government of India and the Manipur government are intentionally prolonging the crisis in the state when no concrete step has been taken so far to resolve the crisis even after more than six months.

The prolonged crisis has not only affected the Meiteis and Kukis in conflict but also other communities residing in the state. Owing to the prolonged unrest, all sections of the society face hardships, he said. He alleged that authorities of the government remain silent.

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For instance, he also said that the state government had not taken any action to trace the whereabouts when two students –Linthoingambi and Hemanjit –went missing.

It was only after the public uprising after the photos of the alleged murder of the two students went viral on social media, that too, after more than two months, that the government initiated action to trace the whereabouts of the two students.

The state security forces could not enter Moreh, the restive border town of Manipur until SDPO Moreh Ch Anand Kumar was killed in a sniper attack by suspected Kuki militants, he also said.

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The state government swung into action and moved to the border town within a day after the killing of the senior police officer, Gyaneshwor also said.

These incidents led to questioning whether the centre and the state government are intentionally prolonging the crisis unfolding in the state and remaining as silent spectators, the spokesperson of the opposition parties further said.

Meanwhile, the prolonged crisis has divided Manipur virtually while almost granting the separate administration demanded by the 10 Kuki MLAs including two ministers of the BJP-led government in the state, he said.

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For more than six months since the crisis erupted on May 3 last, no Meitei can pass through Kuki-dominated hill areas. At the same time, Kukis are unable to come down to Meitei-dominated valley areas, he pointed out.

The spokesperson of the 10 parties continued whether the state government is going to continue doing nothing on the recent disappearance of the two teenagers until a mass movement of the people comes up.

He asked whether the state government is going to remain hands folded concerning the missing of the two boys, leaving them to their fates.

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The 10 like-minded political parties will extend support to the state-wide bandh call given by the JAC formed in connection with the disappearance of the two teenagers on November 10, he said.

The bloc of the opposition parties will also support all future courses of agitations to be launched by the JAC if the state government fails to rescue the duo unharmed, he said.

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