112th Birth Anniversary of Maj Bob Khathing Ralengnao


Ukhrul: Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) kickstarted the 112th birth anniversary celebration of Maj Bob Khathing Ralengnao on Saturday at Ukhrul Headquarters.

In fond memory of the legendary personality, Late. Major Bob Khathing Relengnao, the Assam Rifles conceptualised the commemorative event in the year 2013 to honour the man who brought Tawang under the Indian Administration without any bloodshed in the year 1951.

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The opening ceremony was attended by Ram Muivah, MLA, 44-Ukhrul Assembly Constituency. Ram Muivah complemented the Assam Rifles for keeping alive the image of the national hero hailing from Ukhrul by organisng sports meet in his name. He elaborated the brief background of Major Bob Khathing Ralengnao, the first hill minister of Manipur who later tasked to accomplish the mission to occupy Tawang.

In the grand opening ceremony, Commander of 10 Sector Assam Rifles and Commandant of Somsai Battalion welcomed the teams and honoured the contributions of Late. Major Bob Khathing Ralengnao. Must read |

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