14 UTLA (J) militants lay-down weapons in Imphal


Imphal: At least 14 cadres of the United Tribal Liberation Army (James faction) – a Manipur-based terror outfit Wednesday surrendered before Chief Minister N Biren Singh during the Homecoming Ceremony held at 1st MR Complex in Imphal.

The cadres, including its chairman – Tongthang Singsit, laid-down weapons such as – two HK-33 rifles, one AK rifle, one A1 rifle, one A2 rifle, three single barrel rifles and three small arms along with one Chinese hand grenade, 18 gelatin sticks, 18 detonators and ammunition.

N Biren Singh welcomed the militants and urged all other rebels to lay down their arms and join the mainstream.

“The state has witnessed tremendous development across several fields during the last five years; due to improvement in law & order situation. Manipur will only be able to compete with other states if it develops inclusively, regardless of geographical differences,” N Biren Singh stated.

The 14 rebels would receive a one-time financial grant which will be retained in their bank accounts as a fixed deposit for three years, monthly stipends of Rs 6000, and additional incentives for surrendered weapons, according to N Biren’s new policy for surrendered militants.

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Surrendered cadres will spend three years in a rehabilitation camp, where they would get various vocational training.

Since 2005, a total of 638 surrendered militants have completed rehabilitation; while 43 others are undergoing vocational training.

Taking to Twitter, the Manipur CM wrote “Welcomed 14 cadres of UTLF at the Homecoming Ceremony held at 1st MR Complex today, wherein they’ve laid down weapons which include 8 Rifles, 3 small arms along with 1 hand grenade, 18 gelatine sticks, 18 detonator and ammunition.”

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