1st All Tangkhul Medicos Association general conference cum free surgical camp begins

Dr Nelson: William Pettigrew was the Inspector General and he ran a mission in our place. We were the first to become Christian. We were the first to receive an education. We were among the first to be enlightened among all societies. DC Hopeson (sic), had written about the Tangkhuls as, “The most organized tribe”.

Ukhrul: The inaugural function of the 1st ATMA General Conference cum Free surgical camp was conducted at the conference hall of CHSRC Hospital Ukhrul under the theme “Looking beyond with ATMA”.

Dr. A.S. Kapangring, CMO Ukhrul, and Dr. Nelson Vashum, Exec. Director CHSRC Hospital was the Guest of Honor, Dr. M. Angamla, Retd. Jt. Director Medical Directorate, Govt of Manipur was the Chief Guest.
Dr. Aluisung Khodang, in the invocation program, read a verse from Psalms 133, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”.

Dr. Wormi Sharon, President ATMA gave the welcome speech. “Dr. M Angamla had served in the medical field for over 50 years. She continued to serve our people even after her retirement at Leishiphung Hospital from 2001 to 2018. You are truly an inspiration to all of us. Dr. Nelson Vashum, Executive director CHSRC, is the 1st Gynecologist among Tangkhul. I supposed many of the delegates present here are delivered in your safe hands. Dr. Kapangring, CMO Ukhrul, a person who is always calm and ready to help,” he remarked as he welcomed everyone present in the program.

Prof (Retd) Dr. Hoping Vashum, 1st Surgeon among Tangkhul was honored with ATMA’s Lifetime Achievement award for his achievement as the first Tangkhul surgeon, a pioneer in the field, great leader, and reflection as the highest standard of excellence, and dedicated life services.

Dr. Hoping Vashum completed his MBBS from Guwahati Medical College Assam in 1966. He studied his PG in surgery at Wellington Hospital New Delhi in 1975. He then joined RMC (now RIMS) as asst prof in the department of surgery in 1975 and head of the surgery department till his retirement in 2004.
In his speech, Dr. Hoping Vashum, showed gratitude and congratulated the ATMA for the 1st general conference.

He said, “In 1930 to 1940 there was only one doctor. I am the 6th Doctor among Tangkhuls but I happened to be the 1st surgeon.”

“There were only a few doctors in those times but now we have more than a hundred now’, he continued.

Talking about the beginning of his profession he said, “After my MBBS in Guwahati I came to Imphal in 1974 and got recruited. In our internship, we used to get 75 rupees per month, 110 rupees per month for house jobs. I received 600 rupees per month when I became Asst professor.”

ATMA General Conference cum Free surgical camp 2

He encouraged the doctors present in the conference to look forward and aim on building a medical institution for Tangkhul. “Let there be more specialists and super-specialist. Strive to bring good health standards in Tangkhul”, he said. “Long live ATMA. God Bless you all”.

Dr. A.S Kapangring, CMO Ukhrul, expressed that he is delighted to be able to give free surgical camp as there are lots of destitute families in our place and to know that indigenous Tangkhul doctors after studying medical come home and were able to provide free surgical camp to uplift the destitute.
“For so long COVID had tormented us in many ways but we have fought it together. Today there is not a single patient staying in COVID Care Center in our district. This is possible because of our joint effort”, he said.

Furthermore, he said that of the 11 patients in District Hospital, some are very serious. “99% of the people who died from COVID had not been vaccinated”, he added.

There are people who are against vaccination and most of them are getting sick. There is some strong anti-vaxxer in our community and when the 3rd or 4th wave comes it could be a great hindrance.
At the national level, more than 70% are vaccinated. State-level has more than 50% vaccinated populace. He asked, “Why is there only 25% in our district?”

He then went on to the junior doctors to respect the senior doctors. Follow the saying, “Boss is always right”. It is because of the senior doctors that are present here today that we could all be here.
“Let’s all join hands together to strengthen our health care and health system.” He ended his speech and by shouting the slogan “Long Live ATMA”.

To begin with, Dr. Nelson Vashum said, “There were only a few doctors when we first started. We are in a favorable situation now.”

God had called the Tangkhul peculiarly in His wisdom. God sent a missionary from America to our place in spite of all the other communities. William Pettegrew was the Inspector General and he ran a mission in our place. We were the first to become Christian. We were the first to receive an education. We were among the first to be enlightened among all societies. DC Hopeson (sic), had written about the Tangkhuls as, “The most organized tribe”.

In addition, he said that there were also two Tangkhul Chief Ministers from the tribes in Manipur. But as we come along we seem to have forgotten about our Christianity background and about our Lord Christ Jesus. I want to remind the youngsters about this. In the past we were distinctive, now at this age, we cannot be distinctive. We seem to have gone backward economically, educationally, and socially.

Regarding the medical profession, we have done fairly well, in spite of all the difficulties. Let us recover from social confusion and conflicts. If we don’t, the ones that come after us will live life without honor or respect.

gynaecologist laparoscopic surgery
Dr. Shangchungla

Furthermore, he said, “Let us try to capture and follow the teachings of Jesus: Blessed are the meek or the humble for they shall inherit the earth, do to others as you wish them to do to you and if you want to be in the kingdom of God, learn to be the servant of all.”

“Wisdom and knowledge are all here in Christ Jesus.” He said that Tangkhuls are falling because they have forgotten this. “You can go any length with knowledge but knowledge without wisdom is dangerous. Let’s acquire wisdom. Lastly, in anything we do let’s aim to do in perfection”, he added.

In conclusion, referring to the theme, he added, “If we look beyond with the wisdom of Christ, we have a bright and fruitful future.”

20 patients were estimated to get free surgery led by Dr. Soreingam, Former ATMA President, and his team. The free surgical camp started on November 12 and will continue till November 14, 2021.

In a first at the surgical camp, a laparoscopic surgery was performed by Dr Shangchungla Keishing Hungyo, M.S. Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

The laparoscopy was done for ruptured ovarian cyst for a 17-year-old girl with complain of severe pain abdomen. “Now a days laparoscopic/ keyhole surgery is the new choice of surgery for all in regards to shorter stay in hospital, earlier recovery, less morbidity and of course for cosmetic reasons,” said Dr Shangchungla who is presently Consultant Senapati district hospital.

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