2015 execution of Framework Agreement “to be workout shortly” has dragged on for 9 years: Sword Vashum

Photo: Ukhrul Times

Ukhrul: The Tangkhul community observed the 9th Framework Agreement Day on Thursday at Tangkhul Naga Long Hall, Ukhrul Headquarters.

Speaking at the occasion, Sword Vashum (Retd. IAAS) stated that, “We, the Nagas, don’t speak the same language, but we know each other as one. That belonginess or oneness is a unique feature given to us by god.

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“With the advanced of Britisher in our area and close contact with the outside world, the idea of Naga nationalism started developing. The seed and spirit of Naga nationalism were sown by AZ Phizo. Without his contribution, we, the Nagas would not be in this position, and many of us would not know or have that spirit of Naga nationalism as we have today. The visionary leader of Nagas in 1929 submitted a memorandum to Simon Commission and it became the foundation of our rights for self-determination,” Sword Vashum said.

“The Nagas plebiscite of 1951 have already determined and shown to the world that desire and wish of the Nagas,” he added.

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Further, he said, “the Framework Agreement of 3rd August 2015 is very significant in the history of Nagas. The detail and nitty gritty of FA is not known to many of us and we are not questioning the content. The two entity have signed the agreement in good faith. It was agreed that Naga and India would strive to bring comprehensive progress in conjunction with the ingenuity of the Naga people. It was also agreed that the details of the Framework Agreement and execution of the agreement would be workout “shortly”. That “shortly” has dragged on for 9 years. It seems the signatories have failed to look up the meaning of shortly. It has created confusion and mistrust. The nature and policy of India to sow seed of DISCORD among the smaller community and tribes is becoming more crystal clear each day and each coming year. The divide and rule policy of the India government is becoming more imminent each day and it has become the greatest weapon in dissecting the harmony and social fabrics of the Nagas. In the realm of Naga Nationalism, we, the Nagas should be united as one. However, we seems to have taken a different path, a divided path that will only hampers the journey.”

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Sword Vashum lamented that many have failed to do what they ought to do, be it people’s representatives, civil society, or as an individual.

While he appealed for mass awakening and rectification before it is too late, he also extended his unceasing prayer and support for the fulfillment and logical conclusion of the ongoing Indo-Naga peace talks.

The meeting unanimously in one voice reiterated their unflinching support to the ongoing peace process and for early conclusion.

Leaders of Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS), Tangkhul Shanao Long (TSL), Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long (TMNL), Tangkhul Longphangs and elders from different parts of Tangkhul from Ukhrul and Kamjong Districts participated in the observation.

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