22nd Poumai Naga Tsiidoumai Me Sports meet concludes

Essence of the tournament is not a race to win trophies but to promote integration and celebrate oneness through sports; The final decisive match for the coveted soccer championship consisting of 109 plays from 58 villages was played between Tungjoy village and Phaibung Khunou.

The 14th day annual sports meet of Poumai Naga Tsiidoumai Me (PNTM) concluded with much fanfare at Poumai Centre Ground, Purul Village, Senapati District.

The valedictory function was graced by Mr. P. T. Ahrai, Social Worker and former president of PNTM as the Cheif Guest and Siile Anthony, Joint Registrar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi as the Guest of Honour besides a host of dignitaries from different walks of life on the dais. The program showcased myriad activities ranging from exhortation, inspiration and cultural extravaganza amidst thousands of sports enthusiasts.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Guest of the event P. T. Ahrai acknowledged the dedication of all the stakeholders who have contributed in making the event a great success. He called upon the gathering to reflect upon the true purpose of the tournament. “The essence of the tournament is not a race to win trophies  but to promote integration and celebrate oneness through sports. There is no dearth of talents amongst the youths. The event must be engineered to tapped these latent talents”, he opined.

Siile Anthony, the guest of honour encouraged the congregation to promote peace, love and brotherhood. “The virtue symbolic in sport is discipline. The youths must inculcate discipline in all aspects of their activities and play a pro-active role in community building,” he said.

The final decisive match for the coveted soccer championship consisting of 109 plays from 58 villages was played between Tungjoy village and Phaibung Khunou in which the Tungjoy village emerged victorious with four goals (Tungjoy-4 Lower Phaibung- 1).

The volleyball trophy for men and women was bagged by TNK  village and Khumai village respectively.

The basketball trophy for men and women  was won by Purul centre team and Saranamai village respectively.

The badminton trophy for men and women was conquered by vakho village and khamson village respectively.

The Naga wrestling match was achieved by D.Rakhovei from Phuba Khuman Village(1st) and Sh. Veinii from Tungjoy village (2nd) which was held on 28th January, 2021 graced by Chief Guest Th. Biswajit Singh Hon’ble Minister, Works, RD& PR, T, C & I, Power, AR, IPR,Govt. of Manipur and Woba Joram, Vice President, NPF, Manipur State Unit as Guest of Honour.

The men and women marathon prize was earned by H. Ngaopulou and Ziiveinai from Liyai Chilao and Liyao Khullen village respectively.

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List of prize donors are as follows:

STAR PATRON: 2,00,000/-

Shri A Simon Peter & Athini Family, Saranamai

ROYAL PATRON: 1,50,000/-

Shri L. S. Thaisho, Social Worker, Maiba

DIAMOND PATRON: 1,00,000/-

Shri R. K. Hopingson, Phaibung Khunou

GOLD PATRONS: 50,000/-

R. S. Henry Hiilii, Former Chairman, ADC, Senapati, Upper Koide

P.S. John, Contractor, Lakhamai

Z. J. Titus Zhonah, Entrepreneur, Liyai Chilao

Ch. Happyson, Social Worker, Sorbung

P. Khuveio Samson, Senior Software Engineer (Technical Lead), HPE, Phuba Khuman.

Mohmai Pazii Philemon, Entrepreneur, Phaibung Khullen.

Th. Abigail, Maiba

Samuel CT, Bank Manager, IDBI, Lower Koide

Th. Souva, Social Worker, Tusii Ngaonii Khumai


Football: 3,00,000/- Purul Youth & Students’ Organisation (PYSO)

Naga Indigenous Wrestling

1st Prize : 50,000/- P. D. Ashok, Phaibung Khunou

2nd Prize : 40,000/- R. S. Livingstone, Thingba Khullen

Men’s Volleyball

1st Prize : 40,000/- Sakhanii Khonah, Purul Akutpa

2nd Prize : 30,000/- R S Luckyson, Phaibung Khunou

Women’s Volleyball

1st Prize : 40,000/- S. K. Sourao, Ngari Raidulomai Lower

2nd Prize : 30,000/- Libawo Phelamai, Thingba Khunou

Women’s Basketball : 70,000/- PNTM

Men’s Basketball

1st Prize : 40,000/- S. Jacob Chao, Thingba Khunou

2nd Prize : 30,000/- Thaiba Philip Thro, Chingmai Khullen

Men’s Badminton

1st Prize : Veipuh Prou, Kodom Khavii

2nd Prize : 15,000/- K Ngaoshoni Zho, Chingmai Khunou (Zhobumai)

Women’s Badminton

1st Prize : 20,000/- Khozholou Rova, Chingmai Khunou (Zhobumai)

2nd Prize : 15,000/- D. K. Johny, Laii Shirafii

Men’s Marathon : 17,000/- S Sasho, Thingba Khullen

Women’s Marathon : 17,000/- B. Kh. Rocky Pao, Maiba

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