A citizen’s plea for free and fair elections in Outer Manipur constituency

File photo: Tamenglong.nic.in

ON APRIL 26th, the electorate of Outer Manipur will exercise their right to vote in the 18th Lok Sabha election. As the day approaches, tensions are running high as four candidates—K Timothy Zimiksho (NPF), Alfred K Arthur (INC), S Kho John, and Alyson Abonmai (Ind)—vie for a seat in the Lok Sabha. Manipur has been facing a spiral of violent ethnic conflict, making it crucial for the election machinery to ensure that citizens can vote freely according to their choice, ensuring a democratic exercise of their fundamental right to participate in electing their leader to the Parliament. However, it is a significant concern that the current situation in the Naga hills of Manipur appears unfair, with some candidates being denied a level playing field. Under the guise of national interest, democratic principles are being disregarded, and injustices are being justified in the name of the nation’s aspirations. However, it is essential to recognize that the means to achieve an end must also be just; otherwise, voting will become a completely futile exercise.

No matter how legitimate a goal may seem to certain members of the community, coercing people against their will and conscience to vote for a certain candidate goes against the democratic spirit and ethos and the vision of Nagalim for Christ. Such actions align more closely with the authoritarian and totalitarian ideologies of Communism and Nazism rather than the ideals of Judeo-Christian values that birthed Western liberal democracy. When Jesus confronted Pontius Pilate in a clash of power and truth, He never resorted to force or coercion. True power influences rather than imposes. If Nagalim is to be created for Christ, it would be wise to emulate His approach. It wo

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