A nonprofit in Ukhrul, ‘Bird Walks’ to observe World Wildlife Day 2021 at Kahum Langdang

ENFOGAL bird-watching, an educational activity in counting and identifications of birds species, a programme, vital in imparting awareness on wildlife conservation.

Initiated by young and aspiring social groups in Ukhrul town in the endeavour for a sustainable environment, Environmental Force at Grass Root Level (ENFOGAL) a nonprofit organisation based in Ukhrul district in its initiative in protecting and reviving the collapsing environment of the district, observed World Wildlife Day today in witnessing the diverse avifauna at Kahum Langdang.

The event was organised by ENFOGAL in association with The Higher Themzan Academy (ENFOGAL Squad) under the theme “Forest and livelihood”, sustaining people and planet.

In its endeavour to connecting with the avifauna habitat of this particular region, imparting a message to the local communities, especially through local participation, the bird walk began from 7:00 am and ended at 9:00 am at Kahum Langdang, around 12 kilometers North from Ukhrul town.

Besides local communities, the nonprofit informed Ukhrul Times that giving privilege to the school going students to spread awareness on wildlife conservation and its importance in connecting nature, was of paramount importance.

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Today’s bird walk event, coinciding with World Wildlife Day 2021, is a bird-watching educational activity in counting and identification of birds species, a programme, vital in imparting awareness on wildlife conservation, which is also a much needed recreational activity outside our regular engagement from our work and indoor school activity, said Patrick Shangh, Co-Founder and Joint Secretary ENFOGAL.

The birds that were identified during the activities at Kahum Langdang are listed below:

  1. Red-vented Bulbul
  2. Red-whiskered Bulbul
  3. Fire-tailed sunbird
  4. Grey Sibia
  5. Green warblers
  6. Red-faced Liocichla
  7. Silver-eared Mesia
  8. Grey-winged blackbird
  9. Grey treepie
  10. Blue-winged minla
  11. Black-crested bulbul
  12. Little bunting

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