African swine flu in Kakching district of Manipur

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Imphal: African swine fever (ASF) has been reported from Kakching district of Manipur. The flu was first reported in Kamjong district of the state in the first week of the current month. Kamjong is a hill district of the state bordering Myanmar while Kakching is one of the valley districts of the state.

Following the detection of the infection of pigs at a pig breeding farm at Hiyanglam of Kakching district, the district administration on Saturday ordered containment measures to prevent further spread of the animal disease in the area.

The district administration has also banned sale of pigs, pork and feed in Hiyanglam village under the Prevention and Control of Infectious and Contagious Diseases in Animal Act 2009. The order of the district administration also notified the pig breeding farm as “Control Areas” while imposing the ban on sale of pigs, pork, feed and related items in the village.

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Further, the area falling within one km from the epicenter of the disease is declared as “infected zone” and any areas falling within nine km radius from the epicenter is declared as “surveillance zone” for taking up control and containment procedures. Anyone found violating any of the containment measures will be deemed punishable under the Prevention and Control of Infectious and Contagious Diseases in Animal Act 2009, the order warned.

Earlier, the outbreak of ASF was reported in Kamjong district following the deaths of several pigs at Sinakeithei village of the district in the first week of the current month. Officials of the Veterinary and Animal Husbandry department suspected the source of the virus in the village from human visitors.

The spread of the swine flu in the valley district of Kakching district was at a time the Manipur Progressive Piggery Farmers’ Association raised several questions regarding measures taken to prevent the spread of the infection and illegal livestock trade. 


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