All desk cleared for phase-2 polling in Senapati dist with 228 polling stations


Senapati: To ensure free and fair elections scheduled for phase-2 of polling on March 5, all necessary arrangements had been made in Senapati district as reported from District Election Office, Senapati. The day witnessed busy schedule of dispersing polling officials to their own destinations from Mini Stadium Ground, Senapati including women polling officials and women security forces.

Addressing media personnel, Mahesh Chaudhari, IAS, DC, Senapati stated that manpower for each polling stations had been sent on the day before 3 pm on the day and arrival of teams to their destinations have been reported. The DC reported to start mock poll by 6 am on March 5 as per procedure for the polls. The DC asserted of his confidence about all the arrangements to take up smooth conduct of the poll in the district including law and order issues. The DC then appeals to all electorates of the district irrespective of caste, communities and tribes to celebrate the festival of democracy. As the District Election Officer, Senapati, Mahesh Chaudhari, IAS asks everyone to come forward and exercise their franchise where people with disabilities would be reportedly assisted by volunteers at different booths including aged old of 80+ voters where the DC is happy to know of some electorates of 100 years who are called guardians of the district. While urging all to exercise their right to vote, the DC called such exercise by the people and for the people.

Senapati 2

Karthick Malladi, IPS, SP, Senapati stated that all vulnerable issues have been considered going on in the districtunder 47-Karong (ST) AC, 48-Mao (ST) AC and 49-Tadubi (ST) AC with mapping of most vulnerable places in the district. The SP asserted to have been closely watching people who are involving in intimidation and causing threats where adequate security measures have put in place. Multiple mobile quick response teams are reportedly on the ground asking Senapati people to take complete confidence on the forces that are deployed adding every uniformed personnel will act as per the law without fear or favour. Karthick Malladi, IPS, SP, Senapati also appeals the general public to come out of one’s house to cast their valuable votes to the candidates without fear or favour asking all not to fear of any threat that might have been received or served to any village or authority members. Sufficient forces have reportedly deployed where any illegal movement, activity, any use of force near the polling stations will be dealt immediately and seriously. The authority concerned will reportedly watch the live camera of all polling stations at the joint election control centre, DC Office, Senapati asking all to mobilise with the team whenever help is required. The SP then appeals to the people to call the Control Room Nos. 112 or 8798198810.

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Senapati district reportedly has 3 model Polling Stations with only women polling officials and women security personnel as in 49/60 at Taphou Naga UJB School, 49/62 at Taphou Onaeme and 49/66 at Emesiiphro. All polling stations are have web casting which is the first time in the district with offline records wherever there is no network to intervene for any mal practices. The eturning polling teams will reportedly be received at Mini Secretariat, Senapati in the evening. The DC also urged all to maintain Covid protocols during the poll activities asking all political parties to maintain peace during elections. 144 CrPC is reportedly enforced in the whole district with restrictions to gather with 5 or more persons. 33 Sector Officers are reportedly given magisterial powers to act at any unseen mal practices and control law and order in the district. Out of 228 polling stations in the district, DC reported 47 polling stations to be vulnerable for reasons. District SP reported that 12 mobile QRT will be there at 47-Karong AC, 15 for 48-Mao AC and 12 for 49-Tadubi AC. 1 FIR reportedly filed at Senapati Police Station on Prepoll violence related issue till date.

With 3 new Police Stations to have been opened at Maram, Purul and Tungjoy, the SP assured safety of the people to ensure free and fair elections who are equipped with arms, man power and vehicles.

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