AMHSDA calls 2-day shutdown of OPDs effective from Dec 27

Senapati, 26 Dec: The All Manipur Health Services Doctors’ Association (AMHSDA) has called for 2 days closure of OPD services with effect from December 27 followed by indefinite closure thereafter if the state govt does not pay heed to their demands. The decision was taken after a joint meeting of Executives of AMHSDA, CMOs and their doctors and nurses held at Bishnupur and Thoubal districts.

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In a memorandum submitted by the association to the state chief minister and state minister, Health & Family Welfare services, Manipur as per their Memo No.AMHSDA/203/19, the association said it is constraint and compelled to issue a public notification in the interest of the public. Manipur government
used the essential services of the MHS doctors as bonded labourers. Bridges and buildings constructed by engineers fell down and incurred financial losses and lives but were not beaten. Aeroplanes crashed and killed many people but were not beaten. Doctors tried their level best to save patients but when died unfortunately due to fate and was beaten for not fault of the doctor. In the year 2020, during Covid-19 peak, how many doctors suffer near to death and died without any honour like prisoners of war?

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It further said that, on the request of the government, the 8 (eight) Charter of Demands was cut down to 4 (four):- 1. Time bound/scale promotion, 2. Extension of superannuation age of Specialist and non-Specialist Doctors to 65 years as administrative post as per the declaration of the Hon’ble Prime Minister,
Narendra Modi for Central and States Doctors, 3. NPA fixation in the Basic Pay w.e.f. 01/01/2016 as per 7th Central Pay Commission and the government raised the issue of huge financial involvement so the AMHSDA had even opted for notional. 4. Major Amendment of the outdated MHS Rules 1982.

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“The All Manipur Health Services Doctors’ Association had given the genuine demands for more than 2 (two) years back and thereafter many reminders. Every occasion of meetings, government had assured to prepare and put up to the Cabinet Meeting but not materialised now. Therefore AMHSDA
started its agitation by putting on Black Badges w.e.f 1st November, 2022 in all the 16(sixteen) districts of the state, followed by Sits-in Protest, Relay Hunger Strike, One day mass Casual Leave by more than 750 (seven hundred fifty) Doctors and finally closure of One day OPDs in the state,” the memorandum stated.

Furthermore it accused the government stating that it is “adamant and instead of bringing amicable negotiation and solution started charging our basic and fundamental rights as unreasonable, unbecoming and illegal and finally by serving show cause notice to the agitating doctors.”

The AMHSDA cautioned that it cannot tolerate such type of inhuman humiliation any longer than to shut down OPDs services for two days with effect December 27, followed by indefinite closure of OPDs thereafter.

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