AMSU rejects price list fixed by Manipur government


A student body in Manipur on Wednesday rejected the latest prices of essential commodities fixed by the state government while demanding immediate review.

Following complaints of unreasonable sudden hike in the prices of almost all the essential commodities allegedly taking undue advantage of various restrictions, the Manipur government on Tuesday fixed wholesale and retail prices of 17 essential items.

All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) rejected the revised price list issued by the state Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution (CAF&PD) department while alleging that the government fixed the prices at the behest of the businessmen.

Addressing a press conference at its office in Imphal, AMSU’s Human Resource Development secretary, Mani Ningthoujam alleged that the state government fixed the prices much higher than the normal prices. He also said that the hike in the prices is against the protest registered by the students’ body against hiking of the prices without any valid reasons. 

There is no reason for hiking the prices at the moment, he said, claiming that during a recent drive conducted by members of the students’ body, they found having enough stock of goods in various godowns including government godowns in Imphal area for using around three months.

After reviewing the stock position of the goods, AMSU had requested CAF&PD authority to check the unreasonable hike in the prices after meeting with commission of the department, Bobby Waikhom.

However, not heeding the request the CAF&PD fixed the prices much higher than the normal prices. He alleged that the prices were fixed on the behest of the businessmen, the AMSU leader said.

He then appealed to all concerned to sell the goods at the prices fixed before April 24 last. If anyone defies, AMSU will not remain silent, he warned.


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