An advice to the advisors and leaders of WC, NNPGS: Council of Nagalim Churches


I WONDER if the 9 signatories of the article “UNDERSTANDING THE AILING NAGA GENERATION: WC; NNPGs” really understand the meaning as written by one ghost writer. Obviously, they may never understand the heads and tails. Their signatures were simply lifted from somewhere and pasted. So easy in today’s digital world to give the impression that the 9 signatories know something of what is being craftily drafted in their names. However, the fact that the article was loud and obnoxious only points towards that very ghost writer hired by WC, NNPGs. Such filthy narrative only reflects the sinister design. This very author is a person who had gained notoriety for writing disdainful and bombastic articles.

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What really provoke you to put the question where is ‘NAGALIM FOR CHRIST’? Just because you have that “unhealthy obsession” towards the Tangkhuls, that doesn’t give you the liberty to be so abominable to target the Tangkhuls. May be frustration is ruling your heads. What else! Naturally when you have willfully converted to be foot soldiers of the Indian intelligence set up, the obvious things will come out as reflected in your article. So divisive is your hearts as dictated by your mentor.

The irony is whether the WC, NNPGS have forgotten the agreements they had lately signed with the NSCN leaders, “A JOINT ACCORDANT” and subsequently “NAGA RELATIONSHIP and COOPERATION” in the presence of Forum for Naga Reconciliation where it stated “to explore, at the earliest, realistic ways for Nagas to move forward on the basis of Naga historical and political rights.” The “ink of the signatures is yet to dry.” Are we to suspect that they are sick from Alzheimer’s disease? If not, they are only exposing themselves that they are completely under the control of someone else.

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The article mentioned many things about which you may not know or understand. You can play with fire and get your fingers burnt. But may we advise you not to fool around playing with God; you are a dead man then. Why did you question CNC by saying “WHERE IS NAGALIM FOR CHRIST?” Pity on you! NAGALIM FOR CHRIST is of God; it is not an enterprise or organization! Don’t you know that? Try your best to understand what NAGALIM FOR CHRIST stands for. It is God’s wonderful work for the Nagas. It was started long before we were born, even before a single Naga individual was converted to Christianity.  Here is the oral tradition – when the American and western missionaries were having prayer for the Nagas during Mission Conference in Sibsagar, Assam, somewhere in mid-19th century, the Holy Spirit revealed to an American Lady Missionary that “NAGAS ARE FOR CHRIST, THEY ARE MY CHOSEN PEOPLE.” Hence, they coined NAGA HILLS FOR CHRIST for the first time and

came to Naga country to proclaim NAGALIM FOR CHRIST. So, know it for sure, you are

not taunting CNC or Rev. Seksim or none of the Naga individuals but God! It is God only and He alone is the one who claimed and proclaimed NAGALIM FOR CHRIST.

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Let us be thankful to Him for saving us, preserving us and leading us all the way till now.  Who are we after all before Him that we should claim and proclaim ourselves to be a chosen people of God! We are nobody before Him; we are wretched sinful people. So, who are you to question God by asking where is “NAGALIM FOR CHRIST?” If you choose to be on the side of the adversary “SATAN” then we have no word to say any more. But may we advise you, be wise and run for your lives from the ADVERSARY “SATAN.” Run to God and be saved.

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Our final advice for you is discipline your thoughts and behave yourselves, learn to be humane, restrain yourselves from provoking others. Know for sure, many people are making fun of you. You have become a laughing stock and scum in the eyes of the world. What a pity! Don’t you know that sin is not absent in every idle word we callously utter. Even if you don’t fear anybody, fear God and tremble for your sins because sooner or later your sin is going to find you out. Never try to falsely propagate that we are bringing bad name under the slogan NAGALIM FOR CHRIST. Clean your hearts and leave the rest to God who knows who is who.

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Lastly, instead of writing rubbish thoughts, you better come and join hands with CNC in delivering relief materials and humanitarian service to those people whose lives have been immensely affected by the mayhem. We are doing it but we can’t do much single handedly all along. We hope, together with you, we will be able to do a great deal of service to the people who you are ridiculing, the Kukis and the Meiteis, and also to the Nagas, the Zomis, the Hmars, the Baites, the Vaipheis, the Koms, the Chirus and many more. Some of them have also been badly affected. Come, this season is one of the finest times for you too to do good jobs to your neighbors. Why shouldn’t you join us? Are you not Christians? and nationalists? May God bless you as you positively respond to the call of the day!

(Council of Naga Churches, General Secretary, June 29)

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