Awareness programme on Child Sexual Abuse held in Tamenglong Part 2

One stop Centre spoke about Children, Violence and Trauma and the many physical abuse, physical neglect, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, lose of caregiver, emotional neglect during childhood days, children face.

One stop centre in collaboration with Tamenglong district administration in continuation with September 23 awareness programme, held similar programme at Tousem United Baptist Church, Tamenglong on Sunday. Talking about sexual abuse and domestic violence is still a new talk in Tamenglong, said a local.

The resource person, Chambuan Bariam, staff of One stop Centre elaborated on the topic, Every child is different.

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Photo: One stop Centre

Chambuan, explained what disabilities children can do and how disabilities children may be “categorize into ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Hearing loss, Autism etc. Such school children though they face all the disability problem mentioned above. Some might be very good at painting, some though he/she can’t speak, can express herself beautifully through music, and some may not be able to speak yet he/she may be excellent in games and sports like basketball, volleyball etc.”

The resource person stressed to never underestimate disabled people, instead mingle more with them, make friend, make them feel special about themselves. Adding that “we make sure that every child brings something special to this world. To change the way we see disability and see their unique ability.”

Chambuan, explained that children and adolescents with disabilities can be vulnerable to violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect. The frequent ‘institutionalization’ of children with disabilities, denying them the right to grow up in a family environment, can further impact their full potential and can increase their vulnerability.

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Photo: One stop Centre

Tamenglong district administration under this awareness programme informed of child helpline under information on POCSO Act with a functional Childline helpline number 1098.

One stop Centre spoke about children, violence and trauma and the many physical abuse, physical neglect, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, lose of caregiver, emotional neglect during childhood days children face.

The resource person helped the attendees in finding solutions to avoid offences and advances. Distancing oneself from toxic people; Learn self-regulation and stress reduction; Seeking out support; Getting more sleep; Allow oneself to get close to people were few of the solutions presented.

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