Barak Bailey Bridge collapses at Koide Biisho leading to serious transportation disruption


Senapati, Nov 22: Barak Bailey Bridge situated at Koide Biisho under Senapati district collapsed on Tuesday. The incident took place in the morning at around 8 am when a heavy loaded truck with cement passed over the bridge, creating serious transportation issues thereafter. 

The Bailey bridge was reported to have inaugurated by K. Ranjit Singh, the then Works Minister on May 13, 2008 in the presence of Md. Allaudin, former RD & PR, MOBC Minister, N. Biren Singh, Former IFCD & YAS minister and D.D. Thaisii, Former Hills, TD, Vety & AH minister. 

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On enquiry, Nut Bolt was found missing. Steel Deck made loud noises due to loose of bolt and the Panel which was placed between the walls was weakened due to lost/loose of bolts. 

Maram-Phaibung Road Development Committee had earlier submitted a memorandum to the chief Engineer, PWD, Govt of Manipur stating the deteriorating conditions of the bridge. However, no action was taken up till date as reported by the road development committee. 
Majority of the Poumai Naga villages passes through the road as well as, a passage from Senapati to Ukhrul also passes through the route. Koide villagers mentioned that more than 400 vehicles pass to and fro along the route every day. 

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Speaking at the spot, K. S. Solomon, Convenor, Maram-Phaibung Road Development Committee stated that the fateful incident was feared by all since the past. Although no casualty was reported from the incident, the committee reported that no repair work was initiated inspite of repeated appeals to renovate or upgrade the structure to avoid future accident. The committee convenor appeals the concerned authorities to do the needful at the earliest. With the coming of festive season, commuters and travellers have been at stake due the collapse of the Bailey bridge, he mentioned.

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Inspecting and taking stock of the situation at the site, J. Kumo Sha, MLA, 47-Karong AC stated that he had appraised the matter to state CM and concerned works minister who hopes that immediate step would be taken up soon. The MLA mentioned that it is the only route leading to Poumai Naga community with no alternative route. The MLA further extended his gratitude to the land owners for allowing taking a temporary alternative route at the site. During inspection, the local MLA also cited for permanent RCC bridge at the site which is the lifeline for Poumai Naga community. The inspection was carried out in the presence of Maram-Phaibung Road Development Committee, Koide Union, Poumai Naga Students Union (PNTM) with some village leaders of Koide Biisho village.

Different Poumai Naga civil societies have appealed the concerned authorities to immediately intervene into the matter. Senapati DC had issued an order of complete closure of Barak Bailey Bridge with immediate effect.

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