Bhakta Charan Das: BJP-led govt a failed govt; Congress can deliver


Imphal: All India Congress Committee (AICC), Manipur in-charge, Bhakta Charan Das came down heavily on the BJP-led coalition government in Manipur, alleging that it has failed on all fronts.

None of the promises the BJP had kept in the last election was translated into work, he told reporters at a press conference held at Congress Bhavan, Imphal Wednesday.

Das termed the entire five-year period of BJP-led government in the state as a dark period for the people of the state.

He recalled the promise of imparting jobs to 1.5 lakh per year and alleged that the incumbent government had even failed to declare results of government job recruitment rallies leaving aside imparting jobs to the unemployed youths.

The Congress leader also said that the BJP-led government failed on all fronts. It had not implemented any of the promises it had made during the last election, he added. No improvement in the road connectivity. No tap water to every household despite the promises it had kept to the people of the state, he accused.

While accusing the smaller parties of coming up at the election time only to divide the votes, Das urged the people not to believe in them.

“Smaller parties can divide the votes. They will not be able to fulfill the desires of the people,” he said.

“Only the mainstream party, the Congress party, can deliver you good governance, a better government, in the state,” he said.

He appealed to the people to vote rightly and exercise their voting rights rightly and democratically.


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