BJP addresses the need to deliberate ILP issue

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Shillong: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today said that there is a need to deliberate on the issue of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) as lots of people are arguing that it is restrictive and could result in significant opportunity loss to the tourism sector.  

The party however refused to make its stand clear on the sensitive issue of uranium mining in Meghalaya.

“The ILP issue has to be addressed with all stakeholders. We believe that there is genuine reason that people are arguing for ILP in the state,” BJP national general secretary Rituraj Sinha told reporters when responding to a query as to why the party manifesto is silent on the issue.

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“We also believe that the development of Meghalaya had to be led by tourism. And for tourism a lot of people have argued that ILP is restrictive which could result in significant opportunity loss to the tourism sector,” he stated.

He also said that the two MLAs of the BJP had fully supported the ILP resolution passed by the State Assembly in 2019. Sinha however said that the matter needs to be deliberated and the party will definitely discuss with all stakeholders post elections.

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“Hopefully we will be in a position in the legislative assembly to have enough count to do a thorough debate and then take a final view on the ILP matter,” he said while asserting, “We want to take policy action which is good for the welfare of Meghalayan. ILP is an issue that has good rationale for and against, it needs to be deliberated and we will do it post elections.”

On Congress national general secretary Jairam Ramesh’s allegation that the BJP wants to develop uranium mining while referring to a statement of Jitendra Singh in the parliament, Sinha however asked Jairam Ramesh to focus on the fact that last time Congress had 28 percent vote share in the state and that this time they are not even going to get 2 per cent vote share in the state.

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“He (Jairam Ramesh) should focus on that aspect and it will help Congress,” he added.

On the BJP’s stand on uranium mining, the BJP leader refused to give a direct reply by saying, “Like we said these are matters to be deliberated, these are policy actions to be deliberated. Once the new Assembly is elected then a decision will be taken as per the requirement of the state but also taking priority of the environmental issue and the NGT guidelines.”


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