BJP leader in Meghalaya alleges nepotism in smart town projects

Photo: The Shillong Times

Shillong: BJP leader and Tura MDC, Bernard N Marak has alleged that ‘unregistered’ contractors are implementing the smart town projects.

“Smart town projects are sanctioned through a loan but the RTI revealed that the works are allotted to the unregistered contractors with no work experience,” Marak said in a statement issued today.

He said many localities are complaining about the sub-standard work done by the contractors under smart town projects.

“If not monitored properly, it will be a loss to the locality and liability will be too much if the works are not completed as estimated,” Marak said while asking the development committees to keep watch on all the works so that the quality of work is not compromised by the contractors and ensure that the works are completed in every locality within the stipulated time and it should be certified by the locality people before drawing the final bill.

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“The development committees should look after the work as it is development meant for the locality through loan, which will be on each one of us,” he added.

Further, Marak said the liability to repay the loan will be on the next government which will be formed in the state in 2023.

“Therefore, the works should be monitored properly. I suggest, it would be better if the works are given to the Development Committees of each locality,” he added.

The MDC Tura also urged the development committees to report any complaint to the local MDC directly and to coordinate the progress of the work in all localities.

There have been complaints coming from different localities which will be monitored and complaints will be filed in police and concerned departments. “Public money should not go wasted as liabilities are too high and risky,” said Marak.


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