BJP plays with people’s lives: Bhakta Charan Das

Don’t vote for BJP which plays with millions of lives

Following a press conference held at Congress Bhavan today, the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee released a communiqué that stated Bhakta Charan Das, AICC in-charge Manipur, as saying, “BJP is a government that played with millions of lives of the poor people.” Das alleged that BJP government had played with the life of the younger generation and the livelihood of the farmers by bringing three draconian agricultural laws; they had not responded to the cause of unemployment. According to Das BJP government has abolished the Minimum Support Price (MSP) laws and empowered the corporate houses, the millionaires of those who are reigning the business system of the country. He further maintained they were ruling the economic policy of the country. “With the help of BJP, the fate of the consumer goods and products of the farmers are at the hands of those corporate houses,” Das added.

The conference was attended by other prominent Congress leaders including M. Okendro President MPCC, O. Ibobi Singh CLP Leader Manipur and K. Meghachandra MLA, Chairman of media coordination committee MPCC. Bhakta Charan Das further said, “Small farmers who make up more than 80% of the farmer population will never find out any way to sell their products and they will incur huge loss. COVID-19 pandemic came in our country and the Prime minister assured the people that they would remove the COVID-19 in 21 days. It never happened. And instead of giving permit to create vaccine, of facilitating COVID testing country-wise, region-wise, providing doctors, asking the medical students to deliver their services, they took it lightly and just told the people to ring bells and light up their houses. Is this how a government should behave? And now see what happened, people are dying one by one and just yesterday as well 9 people died in Manipur.”

“The government in Manipur has totally failed in the matter of COVID-19. How will they ever manage this pandemic when there is not even a permanent Health Minister? This shows the irresponsibility to the people of Manipur. Such kind of part should not be voted in the bye-election or any other elections of the country or region. Therefore, the appeal of the Congress is that the people should stand by the Congress Party. You can look at how BJP is playing with the democracy,” he stated. “The honorable High Court of Manipur had already declared that the appointment of 12 MLAs as Parliamentary Secretaries is totally illegal and they were disqualified. Then why had Election Commission not responded so far? And the bigger question is: why the government is allowing these people to be still in power. This BJP government has destroyed the democracy?”’ he added.

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Bhakta Charan Das said, “To all the people of Wangjing-Tentha, Wangoi, Saitu and Lilong, I appeal to you to not vote for BJP in this bye-election and vote for Congress. Congress has always respected the Constitution, preserved the rights of the people. MPCC has always been there for the people and we will always work hard for the people. Our candidates are all fighters and the blessings of the people are very much needed to strengthen democratic values. Congress Party is a party for the people, of the people and by the people. We have always respected the constitutional framework of our country.”

O. Ibobi Singh, former Chief Minister also spoke to the media about how the current government is closely approaching the dark era. He said, “For any MLA of a party, we all know that it is mandatory for them to complete 5 years term. But these people who resigned without any consultation to their respective A/Cs. I find it really embarrassing to learn that such people even earned the title.”

Speaking to the media, MPCC president, M. Okendro raised questions to the public in regards to the upcoming bye-election during this pandemic. “Who is responsible for all this? Is it really the right time to hold elections? As we all know, the bye-elections are traditionally held in unfortunate circumstances such as sudden demise of an MLA,” he stated.

He further said, “We have to go through bye-election this time only to meet the mere desires of the candidates to pursue political gain and power. So, I appeal to all not to vote for such selfish candidates and instead show support to our INC candidates.”

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