Building Bridges: Kho John Pledges to Foster Peaceful Co-existence Among Ethnic Groups


Senapati: S Kho John, an independent candidate vying for the 2-Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency in the upcoming 18th Lok Sabha elections of 2024, has underscored his unwavering commitment to fostering peaceful co-existence among diverse ethnic groups. This declaration was made during his speech at the election campaign kick-off programme held at the Sanyi Dahrii Sports Complex, Khabung Karong, in Senapati district on Wednesday.

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In his address, the independent candidate emphasized the imperative of rebuilding and reconciling for sustainable peace and stability. He affirmed his dedication to prioritizing peaceful co-existence among all communities through comprehensive and ongoing dialogues, aiming to foster solidarity and unity among various ethnic groups. Additionally, he pledged to expedite all peace processes, including the Indo-Naga peace talks.

Furthermore, Kho John pledged to advocate for and ensure the implementation of policies that promote equal opportunities for all. These policies will address crucial issues such as healthcare access, social justice, cultural preservation, economic empowerment, and environmental sustainability, thereby fostering resilient and empowered communities.

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