Camera Traps Shows Rare and Endangered Wild Animals at Kuilong Part II Forest

Tamenglong: Kuilong village under Tamei Sub-Division of Tamenglong district forest saw full of life as camera traps installed at Kuilong Part II revealed several rare and endangered species of important wildlife animals in the forest habitat.

The photos found from the camera traps include Himalayan Black Bear (Urses thibetanus), Yellow throated marten (Martes flavigula), Sambar deer (Cervus unicolor), Wild boar (Sus scrofa), Barking deer (Muntiacus muntjac) etc.

The Forest Division Tamenglong range officer Kh Hitler Singh said “Unluckily we are not able to get the photos of Royal bengal tiger (Panthera tigris) inspite of collecting several pugmarks of it during July 2021.”

Kh Hitler Singh also added that “The area is fit for starting real wildlife conservation in full swing otherwise the important wildlife can be extinct very soon because of traditional hunting practices ,illegal logging, jhum cultivation etc.”

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