Ccpur Joint CSOs appeal Govt not to entertain Lhukhosei Zou case by mere demands of Valley-based CSOs

Ccpur CSOs warns it will not remain mute spectator if some valley CSOs continue their agitation

The joint apex civil bodies of Churachandpur District is aghast at the persistent harassment meted out to Mr. Lhukhosei Zou, former Chairman, ADC Chandel who had faced trial at the ND&PS Court Manipur for more than two and half years. He was finally acquitted after proven innocent on the 17 December, 2020.

It is more shocking to learn that the agitation, dharnas and pressure exerted to the goverment to appeal the case to the High Court by some misled civil organizations who are sponsored by political parties and some vested individuals to tarnish the image of the government.

During the pendency of the case in 2018-19, these civil organizations demanded clean and speedy trial of the case and as such the case was speedily and thoroughly conducted unlike any other case and final judgement was delivered.

Based on the judgement of the trial Court (ND & PS), Mr. Tungkhanmung Zou and Mr. Thangminlun Zou were found guilty and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and the same Court acquitted Mr. Lhukhosei Zou and five others as they were found innocent.

The organizations appreciate the Court as it performed its duty sincerely and diligently during the trial.

Pressuring the government to appeal the case will set a bad precedence for the future as it can burden the state with multiple court appeals and bring conflict between the judiciary, the legislature and the executive and vice-versa.

The joint apex civil bodies of Churachandpur District earnestly request the government not to appeal Mr. Lhukhosei Zou’s case on the mere demand of few vested civil organization sponsored by some political parties.

Otherwise, the civi bodies of Churachandpur District will not remain a mute spectator if these civil societies continue to promote somebody’s ulterior design.

Enough is enough !!!

Chongthu News Service

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