Chan Chan Hongchui releases her debut poetry book ‘How Many More Indian Daughters?’

'To you, who was marred by the carnal vices of men, your coveted beauty bore the sign of their weakness. You're beautiful'.

Chan Chan Hongchui, a graduate from Miranda House Delhi University has released her first poetry book titled ‘How Many Indian Daughters?’. Her debut book is a collection of prose and poetry on rape, sexual harassment, and physical abuse.

Here’s a brief conversation with the author.

Ukhrul Times (UT): Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Chan Chan Hongchui (CCH): My name is Chan Chan Hongchui. I graduated from Miranda House DU. Currently I am stuck in the middle of ‘do what makes your heart skip a beat and do what will make your future stable’ whilst teaching English vocabulary as freelancer via online classes

UT: Tell us about your debut book.
CCH: My debut book ‘How Many More Indian Daughters?’ is a collection of prose and poetry on rape, sexual harrasment and physical abuse. It encapsulates the darkest days a sexually assaulted victims went through. My central point on this book is the last chapter ‘HEALING’; a message pointer to all the victims out there to love themselves as who they are because, they are not what happened to them and they are beautiful with or without their scars.

UT: What inspired you to write this book?
CCH: There is this girl who is very close to me and who has the most beautiful yet saddest smile I’ve ever seen. This may sound weird but no one really know much about her and no one seems to care. She is someone, who is living, breathing but doesn’t really exist……? Well, she have been through hell and fire. Most of the poems in my book are her tears, blood and battles. Everything about her is inspirational and beautiful and that, my friend is what inspired me to scribble poems into this book.

UT: Your struggles  and experiences in publishing your first book?
CCH: I have co authored a couple of poetry books but I never imagined myself publishing my own book. The whole process was indeed a rocky ride. As I am not a professional writer nor a good writer, I had to invest an infinite hours of editing and correcting my grammars. On top of that the pandemic was adding fuel to the fire! But with the help of my few good friends including my publisher(Authors Tree), my 17 month’s dream came alive.

UT: When did you start writing, what drives you?
CCH: Writing, for me is like a free getaway from almost everything. In times of sadness and darkness, I console myself by writing away because, to find a bonafide soul is the hardest thing to do when you are in your lowest and all that people say to everything is ‘it is okay’ which is not! And at the end of the day, all that’s left was my pen and paper. Like that, in times of wellness and happiness too, I started writing. Long story short, human beings are scary and that’s what inspired me to start writing and gradually to be an author.

UT: Your favorite authors? Any favorite author from the NE region?
CCH: Alfred, Lord Tennyson is my all time favorite poet. I too have a couple of NE authors that I admire a lot but Achon Yuimi Vashum is someone I look up to. Well, I’ve always looked up to her.

UT: Can you leave us one of your favorite verse from your book?
CCH:  ‘to you, who was marred by the carnal vices of men, your coveted beauty bore the sign of their weakness. You’re beautiful’.

Grab your copy of ‘How Many More Indian Daughters?’ for Rs 199 from Amazon. The book is also available on Flipkart, iBooks, Google Play and Amazon Kindle.

‘How Many More Indian Daughters’

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