Chandel Naga People’s Organization Decries Recent Violence, Calls for Peace and Justice

File Photo: House of Ch. Aimson Moyon of Karaopokpi village was totally burnt down.

Chendel: The Chandel Naga People’s Organization (CNPO) in a resolute statement on Sunday espresses its profound dismay and sorrow regarding a troubling incident that unfolded on September 8, 2023, in the areas of Pallel Bazaar, Thamlapokpi, Thamlakhuren, and Aimol Satu within Chandel District, Manipur, stating the incident has left the local community in a state of shock and despair.

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The conflict, which erupted in the heart of Naga villages, left no sacred spaces untouched, as even places of worship were not spared from the violence. The prayer mount in Thamlapokpi now stands as a grim testament, marred by bullet holes and shattered windows. Several Naga-owned establishments, including shops, homes, and businesses, fell victim to vandalism, looting, and arson, causing immeasurable suffering and loss for the peace-loving Chandel Nagas, CNPO stated.

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Chandel Naga Peoples Organization Decries Recent Violence Calls for Peace and Justice
Newly constructed prayer mount at Thamlapokpi ridden with bullet holes and shattered windows.

The CNPO has compiled a list of some of the most losses suffered by the Chandel Naga community:

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  1. The residence of M. Wanlallian Aimol Naga of Pallel Bazaar, which was reduced to ashes.
  2. The recently constructed prayer mount at Thamlapokpi, now scarred by bullet holes and broken windows.
  3. The home of Ch. Aimson Moyon of Karaopokpi village, which was entirely engulfed in flames.

In response to these distressing events, the Chandel Naga People’s Organization earnestly appeals to all members of society to show reverence for places of worship and to refrain from using Naga lands as battlegrounds.

Additionally, CNPO implores the Government of Manipur to initiate a comprehensive and impartial investigation into the incident, provide immediate relief to displaced families, and assist in the reconstruction of the damaged residences. The CNPO also seeks equitable compensation for the affected households, recognizing the gravity of their losses.

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