Chief Minister N Biren visits Maram Khullen on State Govt’s Outreach Program

Seeking for peace in the state, N. Biren Singh stated his confidence that there will be peace in the state when Senapati is at peace.


Senapati: Maram people gave a red carpet welcome on the arrival of the state chief minister at Maram Khullen village on an “Outreach Program of the Govt of Manipur.”

CM N. Biren Singh announced setting up of SDO Office, Lairouching, Police Station at Maram Bazaar covering 38 villages, the existing PHC at Maram Bazaar upgraded to CHC and PHSC at Maram Khullen had been upgraded to PHC. The order of the SDO and 4 staffs had been handed over to the newly posted SDO. The CM also launched 10 numbers of Vaccination vans to the district CMO and inaugurated the Science block for Maram Don Bosco College (Autonomous). The CM also handed over the work order to renovate the existing Sadim Pukhri that has different stories about the pond at the high altitude of the village.

Chief minister N. Biren Singh recalled the ancient relationship between the Titular King of Manipur with Maram community that happened since time immemorial. With different projects established for the district like Operation theatre, blood bank and gas plant that had already inaugurated in the past, the CM urged people of the district to get vaccinated where 10 vaccination van would operate in the district for the same in view of low percentage rate of vaccination among people of the district. Such mobile van had reportedly started in the valley with door to door vaccination considering the need for it to save lives from Corona. N. Biren Singh also stated his concern for the hills where different developmental projects have been taken up for benefit of the hill people and to bridge the gap between the hills and the valley of the state. CMHT was reportedly launched for the most needy who cannot go out for necessary medical check up during his Govt as had experienced from different profession before entering into politics. He also assured to continue with such activities to the most needy stating Govt is to uplift the most deserving sections of the society. The state chief minister also mentioned that he would soon visit Senapati to see the progress of water supply project that is underway at the district headquarters and assured to inaugurate before election. Chief Minister also highlighted various achievements of the state Govt in various fields in the state. Seeking for peace in the state, N. Biren Singh stated his confidence that there will be peace in the state when Senapati is at peace.

Talking on the part of the Manipur (Hill Areas) ADC Bill, 2021, the chief minister mentioned that the state Govt is ready to initiate from whatever they could from their end and ask the central Govt whatever is beyond their capacity adding not to violate or victimise against what is given in the Indian constitution. He also asked all not to promote false propaganda about it.

S. Rajen, Minister, Education, Fisheries & CADA in his speech stated that the BJP led Govt in the state under the leadership of N. Biren Singh as the chief minister has been taking up steps for equal developments both in the hills and the valley. To prove this step, cabinet meetings have been taking place in hill districts to see into the affairs of the hill districts in since the past and called the step as the first of its kind. The minister also mentioned that BJP led Govt had assured everyone to sleep peacefully at night by bringing peace and tranquility in the state.

L. Dikho, Minister, PHED, Printing & Stationery lauded the Maram people for taking the lead to vaccinate all villagers realising the danger of getting worse of being unvaccinated. The minister has stated his happiness to see Maram community grown up in different spheres where he called the tribe as the most developing tribe in the district. The PHED minister also assured to bring tap water to every household of Maram community within short period of time.

Govt assistance were also distributed to different beneficiaries under different departments.

Maram language Text book for class IX and X was also opened by the visiting CM.
D. Lukhoi, Minister, Agriculture, Vety/AH & TSM, K. Robindro, Dy. Speaker, Rajesh Kumar, Chief Secretary, Govt of Manipur, N. Geoffrey, Secretary to CM, L. Tarunkumar, PRO to CM, Manipur and Caretaker Chairman, ADC, Senapati A. Kapani were present at the program.

Meanwhile, at the visit of chief minister N. Biren to Maram Khullen, Senapati District, different youth and student volunteers staged a protest rally at Senapati bazaar with the representative of ATSUM, ANSAM, SDSA and its Units to demand the ADC Bill 2021 to be tabled soon by convening a special assembly at the Manipur Legislative Assembly. The protesters staged a democratic demonstration at the district headquarters expressing resentment for the State’s government denial of table the bill and shouted slogans such as “Respect Tribal Constitutional protections”, “Stop rhetoric and hegemony form of governance”, “Emotional integration can only be achieved through mutual respect”, “Stop Appeasement Policy”, “Stop Illusion policy and Respect tribal rights”.

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