CM N Biren graces cultural session of Makhel Heritage Conclave

The CM asked to set up a committee for the heritage site with different historical events taken place in the place with 3 stones for the Meiteis, Ahom and Nagas.


Senapati: State chief minister N Biren Singh graced the cultural session of the Makhel Heritage Conclave of the Mao Students Union as honoured guest in the presence of Dr Lorho S Pfoze, Member of Parliament as special guest, L Dikho, minister, PHED, Printing & Stationery, N Kayisii, MLA and A. Kapani, Caretaker Chairman, ADC, Senapati as the hosts.

Dr Saheni Loli, president, Mao Council in his keynote address lauded the chief minister for all the developmental activities being undertaken in the area. He said that the myth as the folktales mention, the Meiteis, the Ahom of Assam and the Nagas once lived in harmony at Makhel, the heritage village. The Makhel Heritage Conclave is stated to be an attempt to relieve that good old memories or myth. The reliving together could be achieved if the place is turned into a tourism hotspot. From the historical perspective, the Nagas dispersed from Shajouba with a pledge under the great wild pear tree that one day would come together at its root. With the realization of the importance of culture, different Nagas from different parts of the country started giving importance to the heritage village. In order to strengthen the pledge, there is a need to continue giving a far reaching approach to the heritage by turning the village into a cultural hub. A huge potentiality could be foreseen to develop the place into a tourism site comprising of the four corners of the Mao council who always work for wellbeing of the people for harmony and good relationship will always be anticipated to maintain with different communities.

Timikha Koza, president, Tenyimi People’s Organization (TPO) in his greetings stated that the TPO is a big family with 10 different tribes. The TPO leader called hard work and honesty is the heritage for people of the region as hard work has so much dignity in it and called to march together. He also lauded the Mao people to be hard working and urged them to keep it up even in future to give an inspiration to others too. The TPO leader also assured to settle the pending border land issue in near future which could bring better relationship among people of both states.

PHED Minister L Dikho thanked the state chief minister for all his commitment to develop the region who also called him to be the first chief minister of Manipur to visit the hill districts very frequently. Through his support, the PHED minister stated that the Mao Cherry Blossom Festival could be internationalised. Although the proposed Freedom Fighter Museum at Makhel had been shifted due to technical ground when its foundation stone was laid, the PHED minister is also hopeful that the Govt will do better one at the village as the Govt also has concern about the place.

Dr Lorho S Pfoze, MP, Lok Sabha stated that the foregone leaders from Mao community had shown good precedence of how to lead and strengthen community together during their leadership to ensure a vibrant community. It is through their hard work that student community celebrate the 88th years of existence and also to carry forward the dreams of the people. 10 years ago, the MP said that they had thought of bringing together all those tribes who were dispersed from the village to come together and to be able to form such time of meeting together recollecting one’s heritage. When each one has one’s own goal and dream, the MP questioned if God would bless one’s dream and desire. While asking the youth to honour God, the MP asserted to remember God in everything one does by honouring God. After 12 years when the student body would be celebrating its centenary, Dr Lorho hopes to see that a world class Heritage site would come in its celebration.

MLA Sushindro Yaima in his greetings questioned why such history did not come during the Congress rule in the state. The MLA also lauded the coming of the NPF where better bond of relationship was found between the hills and valley with such similar history of the past. With the coming of new era, the MLA is hopeful to come to better ties between different people of the state. The MLA also assured to bring electricity to the spot where electricity facility is yet to arrive.

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Makhel Heritage Conclave 3

Speaking as the honoured guest, chief minister N Biren Singh stated the importance of the historical village and organising of the conference at the spot shows its importance. The chief minister expressed gladness to learn that the conclave will focus on exploring and promoting art and culture of the region under the theme, “Rekindling our Heritage.” The CM stated that he is keen to go through the project report through consultation with an architect. INA Memorial sample yard that is underway at Moirang is stated to be inaugurated by the prime minister of the country including the tallest Indian flag in the entire Northeast.

The CM asked to set up a committee for the heritage site with different historical events taken place in the place with 3 stones for the Meiteis, Ahom and Nagas. He stated for a comprehensive one with architectural view at the village which he assured to keep it as one of the Govt priority list. The CM also suggested for a new name to be given as “Re-United Heritage Park of Manipur” at the site which he assured to take up immediate process under Planning and Corpus fund in consultation for architectural view and expert view. The site would be an inspiration to many about the history of the place, he said. Such initiative could promote and will facilitate the youth with leadership skills and exploring career opportunities through academic sessions.

Founded in the year 1933, the Mao students are stated to have rich traditions which could be one of the first foundations. Contributions from Mao community is stated to be tremendous for the state of Manipur since long past. The CM also talked about many changes that has been brought to Senapati district during the last 4-5 years including trauma centre, blood bank, Women market, mini stadium which is going to be inaugurated soon, water supply, Sabhna Mandav, Residential School, etc. Different entrepreneurs have come up with their different wares in the region. Even the Govt led by Biren Singh has introduced CMHT where, many in the hills would not sell their cattle to go for medical check-ups. The CM has also said to look for appropriate place for Mao Market in Imphal. The CM then stressed on the need to let the youth of the region opt for sports as career. Direct IAS coaching is also reportedly availed in Imphal where any aspirant need not go to Delhi and rush for seat in coaching.

CM N Biren Singh also asked all to put on masks whenever there is public gathering to avoid further spread of the virus.

Cultural dances from Laii (Vafiimai) cultural troupe representing the Poumai tribe, Yangkhullen dance troupe representing the Zeliang tribe and cultural troupe from Kaibi village were showcased during the program.

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