CM Rio inaugurates Lotha Hoho building at Wokha; says govt committed to resolve Naga political issue

Wokha: Nagaland Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio, while inaugurating the Lotha Hoho building at Wokha town Tuesday, said that the “present government” is sincere and committed to resolve the Naga political issue. He also said that settlement of the Naga political issue should come at the earliest,” and if so it happens, we will pave the way in Naga wisdom and resign for the interim government and think in terms of how Nagas should live as a united family and progress with the help of God”.

Interestingly, Tuesday’s comment of Neiphiu Rio came a day after the Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) had stated that both the Government of India and the present Nagaland government “have apathetic and lackadaisical attitude towards sincere conclusion of the peace process though the official negotiations were completed by October 31, 2019”. The NTC “felt aghast” at the manner in which the Government of Nagaland state has been facilitating the peace process all through these years.

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According to the NTC, the statement of Chingwang Konyak, president of NDPP, which appeared in local papers on August 11, 2022 that “….declared that they (MLAs) would not stand on the way for solution of the problem.” (from the concluding para) is vitiated. According to the NTC, the proof is that on July 16, 2022, the Political Core Committee on Naga Political Issue (PCCoNPI) adopted a 4-point resolution which was widely circulated and published in the local media was found scuttled and allowed it to die a premature death. The NTC further said that the reason for “such sabotage” was better known to the PCCoNPI. “It is obvious that the UDA government in Nagaland is hell bent against solution and the very resolution was too positive to pursue and therefore had to be shelved lest should it be furnished to the Government of India, it would be considered to be a vital material for solution”, the NTC added.

Nevertheless, according to the NTC, the UDA government in Nagaland “knows that lest its anti-solution stance be camouflaged with theoretical and theatrical innuendos for solution, it would be costly in the long run”.

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The NTC then alleged that the Chief Minister of Nagaland focussing the next Assembly election to superimpose the urgent political solution is nothing but the ploy to demean the peaceful process.

According to the NTC, the opinion of the NDPP president that the MLAs are to resign post the attainment of the agreement implies that the MLAs have refused to pave the way. “Thus, the activities of UDA government in Nagaland remained obvious that it frantically hobnobs with those forces- both armed and civil elements to derail solution is the greatest sabotage of peace and betrayal of the people in Nagaland,” the NTC further alleged.


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