Concocted story of child kidnapping creates panic in Manipur


Imphal: A concocted story of kidnapping by some mischievous students led to panic among the people in the valley area of Manipur on Monday.

As per Bishnupur SP K. Meghachandra, police received information about the alleged kidnapping of 20 school-going children at Balaram Khul Maning Leikai, Kabowakching, Nambol area of Bishnupur District and in response, the police promptly rushed to the area to investigate the matter.

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Upon arriving at the scene, the police were able to locate three girl students. An intensive three-hour investigation took place at the Child Police Station of Nambol Police Station. The investigation was conducted in the presence of the parents by Child Police Officers. It was during this process that it was revealed that the students had fabricated the entire kidnapping story to avoid reprimand after skipping their classes today.

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Manipur police took to X and clarified the misinformation by a regional news outlet Xting, “This news has been verified by the district police and it is established that the children fabricated the story as they skipped their classes today.The children are being handed over to their parents.”

Initially, the three girls, (class 6 and 8) had claimed that they and 17 other children were kidnapped by two individuals wearing masks on the pretext of taking them for a picnic, and the girl students alleged that the others were dressed in black while they had changed into different clothing. The students upon initial interrogation stated that they became suspicious during their journey in what was reported as a Maruti eco-van, prompting them to jump out of the vehicle at Kamong Maishnam area.

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However, as the police investigated further, they discovered inconsistencies in the girls’ statements. To ensure a thorough verification process, the police followed proper formalities. Ultimately, it was determined that the entire story had been fabricated by the girls as a means of avoiding their classes. As a result, the Bishnupur Police handed the children back to their parents.

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The police urged the public to refrain from harassing the students, emphasizing that they are minors. Earlier in the day, Meira Paibi women and women’s organizations from various parts of the state had gathered at the scene in an attempt to rescue the allegedly kidnapped children. Additionally, a significant number of security forces, including state forces, central forces, and village defenders, rushed in the area for search operations in the nearby hill range. Upon learning that the kidnapping story was indeed a fabrication, a substantial number of Meira Paibi women congregated in front of the Nambol police station.

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