Condemnation continues to pour in

Impahl: The Chandel Naga People’s Organisation (CNPO), the Naga Students’ Union, Chandel (NSUC), Naga Chiefs’ Association, Chandel (NCAC) have “vehemently condemned the inhuman and barbaric act of assaulting four Tangkhul Naga women at Kwakeithel in Imphal West on May 24.

The three Chandel based Naga organizations said that the four Naga women were assaulted by a mob. The three organizations also said they are deeply anguished by the violent incident. They demanded the concerned authorities to take necessary actions against the perpetrators at the earliest.

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The Chandel bodies then said that, to add salt to injuries, AK Jhalajit Singh, IPS, incharge of ‘central control room of 1st Manipur Rifles, Imphal, “shamelessly termed the incident as a false report”. The Chandel bodies further said that AK Jhalajit, in a press note, termed the incident as “absolutely false and there is no incident as such”. The three Chandel organizations said that it is quite unbecoming of a senior government official to issue such a baseless statement without verification. “He must tender a public apology for his irresponsible act at the earliest”, they demanded. The Chandel bodies further demanded that the government should remove AK Jhalajit Singh from the present assignment in order to avoid further goof-up and misunderstanding among the people in the “restive state”.

The three Chandel organizations then demanded that the government should book all the perpetrators involved in attacking the four Naga women at Kwakeithel and award them befitting actions at the earliest.

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Similarly, The All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur (ANSAM) strongly condemned the Kwakeithel Bazaar incident where four “innocent Naga women were attacked by an unruly mob”. The ANSAM said today that the four Naga women were on their way to the Imphal airport when the incident happened.

The ANSAM then placed on record that the Naga civil society organizations are constantly appealing for restoration of peace and normalcy in the state and such inhuman acts will only aggravate the situation. “Therefore, such acts should be stopped immediately for peaceful co-existence”, it added.

While condemning the “barbaric act and high handedness” of those individuals involved, the ANSAM also expressed its anger on the “irresponsible officer” AK Jhalajit Singh, IPS, who is incharge of ‘central control room’ of 1st Manipur Rifles Banquet Hall, Imphal, for circulating a press note categorizing the incident as –“it is absolutely false and there is no incident as such”.  

The ANSAM then urged the concerned authorities to look into the incident immediately on priority to bring justice and also for the officers to carry out their duty diligently and more responsibly.

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United Naga Council (UNC) on Thursday “vehemently condemned the heinous crime committed by the unruly mob to the four innocent Tangkhul Naga girls.

In a statement issued Thursday, the UNC said that, while Naga civil society organisations are constantly appealing for restoration of peace and normalcy in the state, worsening of law and order situation in Manipur inspite of the promulgation of 355 and frequent occurrence of arson, killing and harassment at sporadic places speaks volumes that the ‘rule of law’ is at a very low ebb. The UNC said that the “ugly episode” occurred in a broad day light at Kwakeithel bazar wherein four “innocent girls” hailing from Namrei village, Chingai sub division, Ukhrul district, is not an isolated case of mob culture. “They were halted, caught hold on their hair and forcibly dragged down from the autorickshaw, struck with iron rod, tore their shirts and destroyed two luggages in the process of the mob attack while security personnel on duty dressed in dark green uniform remained a mute spectator,” the UNC alleged. “As reported, one among the men in uniform loaded the gun and threatened them not to move further”, the UNC further alleged.

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The UNC also condemned the “ill-conceived motive of an organisation for dragging the name of the UNC in a press briefing aftermath the incident without the knowledge and consent of the Council”.

It may also be noted that, representatives from various Tangkhul organizations, including Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), Tangkhul Katamnao Long in Hyderabad, Tangkhul Shanao Ngarum Saklong in Delhi, Tangkhul Katamnao Long Delhi, Tangkhul Welfare Society in Mumbai, Tangkhul Katamnao Long Shillong, Tangkhul Katamnao Long Guwahati, Tangkhul Naga Welfare Society Bengaluru, and a cluster of five Tangkhul Zonal Students bodies (Raphei Katamnao Long, Zingtun Katamnao Long, Sagolmang Area Naga Students Association, Zingsho Katamnao Long, and Tangkhul Aze Katamnao Long), among others, have expressed their strong dissatisfaction and condemnation over the incident. They have outrightly dismissed the press note issued by the Central Control Room in Imphal, stating that it is “completely false, and no such incident took place.”

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