Congress party launches ‘Jai Bharat Satyagraha’ over Rahul’s disqualification

Imphal: The Congress party in Manipur on Friday launched ‘Jai Bharat Satyagraha’ to protest against the disqualification of its leader Rahul Gandhi from Lok Sabha.

Addressing the media by the leaders of the district level committees of the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) marked the launching of the ‘Jai Bharat Satyagraha’.

The MPCC leaders sought people’s support and cooperation in the protest programme, while asserting that it is to protest Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification as well as to continue raising people’s voices against “blatant looting of the people’s money”.

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In one of the press briefings at the Imphal East District Block Congress office, MPCC vice president Hareshwar Goshwami informed that the protest programme which the AICC started will continue till April 30.

Various forms of protest including a series of street corner meetings will be organised during this period, he said.

“The protest is against the dictatorial BJP government led by Narendra Modi that undermines the Constitution of the country and blatant looting of the people’s money by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in collusion with some of his associates like Gautam Adani,” the MPCC leader also said.

Goshwami claimed that Rahul Gandhi has been targeted because he asked the Prime Minister about the Adani Group while demanding an inquiry into the matter by constituting a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC).

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He said that Gautam Adani is one of the best friends of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and has been associated with him since the latter was the chief minister of Gujarat.

Whenever Modi went for foreign tour, he accompanied Adani and after returning the Adani group got a huge investment from foreign companies, the MPCC leader also said.

As such, the assets of Adani Group rose to over Rs 20,000 crore and Rahul Gandhi was being targeted for asking the Prime Minister about the Adani Group, the Congress leader also said.

The recent conviction of Rahul Gandhi in a defamation case and disqualification was a pre-plan to gag Rahul Gandhi, the MPCC leader added.

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The Congress would do everything to save the democracy of the country and would stand firm for justice to Rahul Gandhi, he said, alleging that the BJP-led government at the Centre is destroying democracy.


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