The Captivity of Tribal Women in Northeast India

LOOKING AT HOW TRIBAL women in/from Northeast India (NEI) freely move, travel, or migrate to the cities, they are seen as a liberated community....

Zoological Survey of India seeks UNESCO tag for ‘Living Root Bridges’

Shillong: The Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), a premier zoological organization asserted that faunal diversity and the preparation of health cards are prerequisites for...

Nagaland to hold Miss Hornbill International event in 2022

Kohima: As part of the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland, Vogue Entertainment Nagaland (VEN) is all set to organise Miss Hornbill next year in 2022....

Over 3 crores sanctioned for 37 Tribal Museums in Manipur

The Manipur government on Wednesday sanctioned a sum of Rs 3,88,50,000 (Three crore eighty eight lakhs and fifty thousand) for construction of 37 tribal...

I am the land and the land is me

For us, the land and people are inseparable, if one is affected the other is affected also. Beneath the earth lies the bones of...

Preserving the legacy of a generational instrument – Tingteila

As he played into dusk, the nostalgia deepened but with the overwhelming feeling of sadness and guilt as to why we've stopped listening to the songs of our forefathers. But maybe it's not too late to start it all over again.

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