Day 7 since disappearance; Day 5 since FIR filed, two schoolgirls still remain missing

Ukhrul: It has been seven days since the mysterious disappearance of Sakmiyarin Kasar 13-year-old and Sorormi Awungshi 14-year-old school girls. The two left for school on July 25 and never came home. It has been five days since the filing of joint missing person’s FIR report at Ukhrul Police station on July 27.

The Superintendentof Police Ukhrul district told Ukhrul Times that the police is working around the clock to find the missing school girls as soon as possible.

“We’ve coordinated and shared the information with the other police stations within and outside the district; we have collected the necessary information from the families and their schools to get the complete picture to understand the full story. This case is given special priority as it is a serious time sensitive case. Yesterday we received a lead through a social media group in Imphal Nagaram of some child but it was a false lead and a misinformation. We are keeping a tab within the district for any suspicious activity. As for now, we haven’t had any substantial lead or evidence to chase the case but we are keeping ears and eyes close to the ground, “said the new SP, Ningshem Vashum IPS of Ukhrul district.

The 13-year-old Sakmiyarin Kasar, daughter of Wungarum Kasar from Sangmayang Tang is studying in Maringmi Memorial School in the 6th standard and Sorormi Awungshi 14-year-old is the daughter of Hormi A Shimray from Marou village, a student of KTL Excel Higher Secondary School studying in the 8th standard. They were both last seen on Monday morning July 25, leaving the residence of Wungarum Kasar at around 8:30 am together in school uniforms carrying school bags and heading to their respective schools.

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When the two girls did not return that evening, their parents got anxious and started contacting their relatives and neighbors to check if they had dropped by. 

“Our best guess was that they had gone off to hang out for a sleepover with some of their friends that live on rent without their parents. We were concerned, but we thought they would come home the next morning and explain. But the thing that bugged us was that they would never do that either,” said the family of the girls.

The next morning, the families of both parents enquired with their friends, classmates, and neighbors but got no information about their whereabouts. Upon further inquiry with the teachers and the school, it was later discovered that the girls did not attend their schools on Monday and the following day. So far, all efforts made by friends and families to track their whereabouts have not had any luck. 

On July 27, two days after their mysterious disappearance, the two families sought the help of the police and a joint FIR was filed by the two families at the Ukhrul police station.

Later as the news spread through social media, on July 29, four into their disappearance; the collective locality authority circulated a directory to each locality executives to broadcast and inform the residents of all localities through the local broadcast system about the news of the missing school girls and to keep vigil and assist in the search.

Speaking to Hormi A Shimray, father of Sorormi Awungshi, he told this reporter that his daughter Sorormi was living with her aunt (mother’s sister) in Sangmayang Tang and that the remaining family lives in Marou village. Sorormi is the 4th child out of seven children of Hormi A Shimray.

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She has stayed in Ukhrul since February this year after getting admission in KTL high school. This is her first year studying in Ukhrul. 

“My daughter is a very simple girl. She has never made any unreasonable demands or had any complaints. She lives with my wife’s sister in Sangmayang Tang in Ukhrul. They get along very well. In fact, I can say they’re best friends. She is not the type to loiter around and hang out with friends. She has always come home straight from school after class and always informs her aunt before she goes anywhere. When I received the news on the evening of July 26, I immediately rushed to Ukhrul the next day early morning on July 27, and lodged an FIR In the Ukhrul Police station along with Sakmiyarin’s family,” said Hormi.

“Things are bad back home. My family is worried, and my wife and I haven’t had a wink of sleep ever since our daughter’s disappearance. My wife is in Ukhrul right now, restlessly searching for clues and leads to find her. I am back in my village after my wife convinced me that I should rest and look after the kids here as I just recently had a leg operation and haven’t recovered fully but I haven’t been able to get any rest and I don’t want to, not until she’s back home with us. I pray that our daughter and Sakmiyarin are safe and sound wherever they are. We’ll keep looking until we find them.  We’re optimistic that they’re out there somewhere and we’ll find them,” said Hormi, father of Sorormi.

Sakmiyarin Kasar lives with her father, Wungarum Kasar and her grandmother (father’s mother) and an elder brother in Sangmayang Tang. She is the second born. Her mother passed away a few years ago after giving birth to Sakmiyarin.

The social media posts about the information of the missing girls posted on July 29 received some backlash saying that the information was posted too late to the public. Responding to the backlash the family clarified, saying, “I understand the public is unhappy as the news came to light after more than four days since the disappearance. The reason is that we tried to conceal the incident as we didn’t want to alert the whole community initially. We believed that they had gone to stay at their friend’s place and hoped that they would come home. We didn’t realize that the case would go this far, and we regret not informing the public sooner. When they didn’t come home the next morning, we asked everywhere and we were truly desperate and scared and that was when we sought the help of the Police and consulted with the chairman of Sangmayang Tang. We apologize for the delay and poor judgment of the situation. We are grateful to the Ukhrul Police, the Media, and everyone who is helping us find our daughter by spreading the news through the power of social media. Your concern means a lot and we’re optimistic that we’ll find them soon,” said Hormi A Shimray, Soromi Awungshi’s father.

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