Dept of Social Work, Don Bosco College (Autonomous), Maram commences their Rural Camp at Emesiiphro Village


Senapati: The Department of Social Work 3rd Semester of Don Bosco College (Autonomous) Maram, is holding a week long rural camp at Emesiiphro village, Senapati District. On August 25, 28 students along with two Assistant Professor, Dr. Evergreat Wanglar and Dr. Taithul Rita Chinnehoi Zou, arrived in the village. The seven day Rural Camp was launched in the presence of Village headman T.H Kashiipri, NG. Asahrii, chairman and pastor Mathew of Mao Baptist church, Emesiiphro. The village chief Mr. T.H Kashiipri hoisted the flag during the inaugural ceremony of the Rural Camp.

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The primary objectives of the Rural Camp is to give Social Work students a better understanding of rural living and help them enhance their professional skills by establishing need based programmes and awareness with the help of the local communities, as well as to assist students in integrating key life values. Additionally, it aims to bolster students in developing personal and professional abilities and also to encourage self growth in the process of decision making, planning, organizing, coordinating, recording and writing report. Furthermore, it aims to help the villagers in making them aware of their own problems and to take effective action towards improving their own situations.

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During the inaugural session, the village head T.H Kashiipri shared the real life experiences of rural life where people use thatch, bamboo, earthen pot, woods for various purposes in their day-to-day livelihood. “Things have changed drastically and people started practicing modern ways of living,” T.H Kashiipri said. He encouraged the gathering, especially the students to learn and continue the golden attributes of rural life such as dignity, oneness and be of service to each others.    

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The students will carry out various other activities such as Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) using the tools such as; Social Mapping, Resource Mapping, Scoring and Ranking, Pie-Chart, Seasonal Calendar and Transect walk. Moreover, the students will carry out Soft skills class on various topics such as; Emotional Intelligence, Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Intra-Personal Skills, Leadership, and Adaptability. In addition, the students will have exposure to field work, Survey and cleanliness drive until September 1st 2023.

The Rural camp is expected to provide opportunities for the students to reflect upon the rural issues learned and discussed in the classroom. It will enhance the students in developing their professional skills such as leadership skills, teamwork, taking responsibilities, management skills and gain skills in planning.

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