DOCTORCARE APP launched in Manipur to book doctor’s appointments online faster & cheaper

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Imphal: DOCTORCARE APP has entered Manipur market to provide patients with seamless and increased access to primary care, urgent care, specialty care and emergency care throughout the remote and extreme corner of the state of Manipur.

Health care professionals at both organizations are committed to working together to ensure an exceptional continuum of care for you and your family. The primary goal of the DOCTORCARE APP is to help patients to make the best decisions when choosing the most appropriate setting from which to seek medical care.

An urgent care provides same-day, affordable rates for booking where the patients need no travel for booking a ticket. Patients have now a chance on making wise decisions about where to seek treatment.

It is just a click away and it’s done, the ticket will be received instantly via APP and SMS.

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DOCTORCARE APP is the only online platform where you have access to a wide range of services such as ONLINE DOCTORS APPOINTMENT, ONLINE HOSPITALS BOOKING, ONLINE DOCTOR CONSULTATIONS, E-PRESCRIPTION, and E-TICKETS.

Our dream is to provide everyone with the same facility where they got the chance to check up to the top level doctors and hospitals. We believe in connecting people. From city to hills, we are there for you!

DOCTORCARE APP offers advanced services and appointments for a range of medical specialties, including:

Dermatology | Obstetrics and Gynecology | General Physician | Pediatrics | Psychiatry | Neurology | Endocrinology | Cardiology | Gastroenterology | COVID Consult | Orthopedics | Family Physician | Ophthalmology | Dentistry

To download DOCTORCARE APP on Google Play Store CLICK HERE

Get familiar with how to book a ticket through the App

• Choose the Hospital / Doctor / Specialist
• Select mode of Appointment: Call | Chat | Video Call | Physical Visit
• Book a slot
• Confirmation
• Make payment
• Received invoices via Apps & SMS
• Get the E-Ticket via Apps & SMS
• Get reminders for upcoming Appointment via Apps & SMS
• For a Physical visit, show your E-Ticket
• Done

Watch this YouTube on how to book a ticket.

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