DYouth, a nonprofit, donates 20 Steamers to Ukhrul district hospital

DYouth by mobilizing fund and other resources from young people working in the cities, the dedicated team of 5 were able to reach out to over 500 families in the first wave of Covid-19 in 2020.

DYouth (During our Youth) on Thursday donated 20 steamers to Ukhrul district hospital by mobilizing funds and resources from the community’s young working folks in different part of the country.

Speaking to Ukhrul Times about the initiative, Lumyangnao Shaiza, Project Manager said “We hope it can encourage more people to reach out and support each other, especially to the patients, more positivity than negative stigma over being diagnosed. We (DYouth) also plan to continue mobilizing more resources to continue in providing more assistance to the welfare of the patients in our capacity.”

She added that DYouth goal is simple and the same as when we started in 2020, “to mobilize resources from like-minded youngsters and channel it to the society’s welfare in any given capacity we can.”

We asked why steamers inhaler, Lumyangnao Shaiza said, “as for the decision to procure the steam inhalers, we consulted with the Chief Medical Officer before we decided to donate it to ensure it is something that will help Covid patients, as patients of second wave have symptoms severe than that of the first wave.”

DYouth was initiated during the first wave of Covid-19 pandamic in 2020 with the purpose to mobilize resources and help from like minded youngsters to channel it back to the community.

The team have grown from 2 co-founders to 5 active members strong over the last year. In their first project during the first wave of Covid-19 in 2020, the non profit distributed food and essentials to the most needful families in Ukhurl Town. By mobilizing fund and other resources from young people working in the cities, the dedicated team of 5 were able to reach out to over 500 families.


In their second project, it collaborated with Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS) and Ikra Foundation to organize Career Awareness event for over 18 schools in Ukhurl town to motivate the young students to keep going in learning, pursuing their career dreams and making informed choices despite the disturbance in their education because of the extensive lockdowns in the first wave of Covid-19. As their third initiative, DYouth is reaching out to concerned parties to assist in the wellfare of Covid-19 patients in this second wave.

DYouth was co-founded by T. A Shatsang and Lumyangnao in 2020.

Office: Zone 1, Viewland, Ukhurl, Manipur-795412
Contact: +91 93709 54928, +91 93194 30537

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