Endangered Slow Loris rescued: Handed over to Ukhrul Forest Department, Manipur by Chiko Adventures

Members of the Chiko Adventures, an eco tourism group from Ukhrul District, Manipur, yesterday, handed over a rescued wild Slow Loris to the Ukhrul Forest Department, Manipur to be put back in its natural habitat.

According to Aso Chihui, Co founder of Chiko Adventures, the wild animal was found stranded on the highway between Langdang village and Shirui village on Sunday evening. Speaking to the press after handing over the wild animal to the Forest Department, Aso expressed his delight in helping the wild animal get back to its natural habitat while also stressing on the importance of conservation and protection of wildlife in Ukhrul District.

IMG 2148
Photo: Ryngam Lunghar – Chiko Adventures

“We’ve (Tangkhuls) always grown up with the notion of shooting and killing any wild animals for consumption but it’s time now for us to rethink this and it starts with the youth. We (Chiko) hope that rescuing and putting back this endangered Slow Loris won’t be a one off thing but something that spurs the youths on how we have to look at conservation of wildlife rather than the exploitation of the same.”

IMG 2144
Photo: Ryngam Lunghar

Each of the Slow Loris species found across North East India are currently listed as either “vulnerable” or “endangered” by the International Union of Conservation of Nature in their Red List. While globally, the Slow Loris is being threatened by deforestation and wildlife trade, in Manipur, most of these animals are regarded as easy prey by hunters due to its slow agility and shy in aggressive nature.

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