Engineer Wungpam Raikhan Flags off 33th Worshon English School Sports Week cum Literary Meet

Established in 1989, Worshon English School is a Church sponsored institution having around 300 students with classes starting from nursery upto class X. The school currently had 17 teaching staff and 10 school managing board.

The 33rd Worshon English School, Chingjaroi CV sports week cum literary meet was kicked off on Monday by Wungpam Raikhan, Engineer CPWD, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India.

Speaking at the five-day long sports and literary event, Wungpam Raikhan, Engineer CPWD, ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India who graced the event as the inaugural chief quest said, “I am immensely happy to see so many young students. From the various items displayed here today I can tell that school principal and his teaching staff commitment and dedication is intact.

Recalling his school days as a young government high school student, he stated that he faced many challenges being from a poor family background. Inspite of the struggled, “I grew up with a sense of purpose, and exhorted young students not to study just for the sake of studying, but to have goal and study accordingly. Aim backed by hard work will surely pays off in the long run. If you have goal it will makes you want to study more. Even doing home works will become more engaging and less burdensome. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to clear your doubts.”

He continued and said, “This sporting and literary events takes me back to my school days. I was also a young students like you. It truly touched me from within. As I imagined today, it must have been very hard for my parents to cater to the needs of nine children,” he said.

Stating that Worshon School students is privileged to have a capable and dedicated principal and teaching staff, he said that in his time as a government high school student they don’t speak the kind of english this students are conversing today. It doesn’t mean all government high school are bad, their are many quality school too.

Uprooting white hair of teachers used to be the mode of punishment in my school days, he recalled amid laughter from public.

I have experienced the hardship of private school teacher as I was also a private school teacher myself, he added.

Our system of education tends towards producing BA or MA not knowing where the degree would lead, he stressed and pointed out that certain changes is needed in the present education system.

Don’t study to get government job. Let’s strive to engage in other creative pursuits where one can thrive and ensure self-sufficiency and sustain one’s life without depending on others, he opined.

Talking about development, he said that it is still backward. In addition to poor medical facilities, the condition of the road is also in poor shape.

He said there are cases where the patients died before reaching Imphal due to poor health facilities in the PHC, district hospital. “We must have this facilities to prevent casualties.”

Stating that North of Ukhrul district has lots of tourism potential, he opening up of border and connecting the border with different highways and villages would open up windows of opportunities and benefits the youths. “Let’s reasoned together and find the ways and means to improved our financial position and better our livelihood.”

Raikhan has also handed out financial token to the WES teachers, pre-school teachers and event organisers.

Chingjaroi had three school including WES, pre school and Eastern christian high school which was recently selected for school Fagathansi mission.

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As part of the inaugural special attraction, students presented art of conversation, choreography, special number, translation.

The four contingents group also presented a march pass parade.

Speaking at the occassion, social entrepreneur, Khanot Khamasu who attended as the occasion guest of honour conveyed his and his family warm greetings to the students and teachers. If I am invited for money then I don’t deserved as I am not from sound financial background as you all know, but if for adviced then I can do that.

Stating that sports day is a routine affair with students celebrating the meet every coming year, he the sports you have been playing remained here itself.”But there is hope as national sports university has been established in state capital. Those of you who have a real passion for sports may get enrol as it not different from what you are learning today.”

He had also exhorted students who are passionate with sports to play the game devotedly and become a sports professional with necessary training and commitment.

Some schools like JNV are far better in terms of quality because their syllabus is more updated and are in sync with change. In case of ours it is orthodox and updated, he pointed out.

He had also urged WES to “introduce Hindi as a subject” given the importance it commands.

Khamasu who is also the former principal of WES said the national education policy has undergone massive change. Teachers need to know what must be taught to pupils. Similarly student should know what they ought to learn.

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Stressing on the hard labour endured by the private school teachers in imparting quality education to the students, he said various government employed teachers in Ukhrul district are under ZEOs and ADCs, but many of the sacrifices are borne by the private teachers.

Recalling the days when he and Wungpam happens to be the teacher of same private school in Ukhrul, Khanot said that there is something special we all can learn from the occassion chief quest. His meekness is what i what have seen during our short stay together.

Stressing on the importance of education and its relation with health, he stated that Chingjaroi CV has no health as villagers had no wealth. Why do they have no wealth? Because they had no job. If people had education they are bound to have secured job which would ensured wealth and the resultant health benefits.”If you have health there is nothing to worried because all good things in life centred around health.”

Besides financial token, he had also handed out 200 strips of vitamin C for distribution to each students.

Earlier, he had also organised medical camp for the villagers at Chingjaroi Khunou.

RS. Kapangsing, Principal WES expressed his gratitude to inaugural chief, quest of honour, valedictory chief quest for consenting to grace the occasion.

He also acknowledged the unceasing support and encouragement given by the sponsors of students, parents, school managing board, village authorities, shanao long, EYO, women society and villagers.

He said Worshon English School is a Church sponsored institution having around 300 students with classes starting from nursery upto class X.

Established in 1989, the school currently had 17 teaching staff and 10 school managing board.

T. Amah, CBC church Accountant thanked the visiting chief quest, quest of honour, valedictory chief quest and well wishers for their committed concerned the school and the church, and prayed that almighty God bless them in their ministry.

He also thanked the teaching staff for moulding and shaping the young minds with dedication.

Moderated by assistant teacher T. Rekmayo and Yarmina, the function was attended by around 60 team member of the chief quest, village authorities, WES managing board, youth president and EM, Shanao long president and EM, Women society chairperson and EM, and villagers.

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