ENPO to hold public rally demanding Frontier Nagaland state


The Eastern Naga People’s Organization (ENPO) will hold a public rally in each of the seven tribal headquarters of Eastern Nagaland on August 4, 2022, to demand the creation of Frontier Nagaland State. At a joint consultative meeting between ENPO and the seven tribal organizations and the Talk Team on June 28, 2022 in Tuensang village, it was unanimously decided to reiterate the demand for Frontier Nagaland State and to hold the public rally in all the 7 tribal headquarters.

Speaking to Mokokchung Times, Tsapikyu Sangtam, the president of ENPO, stressed that the movement will not be violent in any way, but rather a peaceful democratic demonstration that will merely serve to remind the Nagaland government that the demands they have been making since 2010 still stand.

“In order to remind the government that the demand still exists, we will submit a representation to the administration,” he stated.

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Over the years, he said, they had tripartite discussions with the governments of India and Nagaland, but they were told to hold off until the wider Naga political solution was settled.

“The organization is not against Naga Political Solution. We support the solution and have always been patient, but it is crucial to understand that we just desire a separate kitchen,” he said.

When asked if the recent issue over the unfair fund sharing had any effect on the organization, the president stated that this type of discrimination and inequity was nothing new.

“We came across the CNTC’s press release this morning, but this course of treatment is nothing new. This is just one more example of how the eastern Nagaland region has been treated unfairly over the years,” he said.

He then stated that the government’s response will determine their next course of action.

Courtesy: Mokokchung Times

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