Entrusting wrong people for the right mission ails Tangkhul Church Today, says General Ningkhan

The Naga Army urged Tangkhuls to get rid of its ever - ready to complaint attitude rather seek God's wonderful plan first.

Driving home the essence of maintaining unity amongst the Naga families with peace talks entering crucial periods, Anthony Shimray, the chief of the Naga Army urged Tangkhuls to get rid of its ever – ready to complaint attitude rather seek God’s wonderful plan first. 
He was speaking at the Tangkhul Leaders Consultative meeting organised by Tangkhul Naga Long the apex body of Tangkhul community, at TNL ground Ukhrul today. 

Meanwhile General Ningkhan recalled his late mentor Isaak Swu who had done so much for the Nagas doing outreached mission preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ by surrendering the Nagas’ cause in his hands. 

Lamenting the cracks in the Church bodies today, Ningkhan categorically stated that, “We  don’t sent the right person for the right cause. The problem is not with the cause and mission, but entrusting the just cause to the wrong person referring to unholy, self -centric and parasites like people whose main aimed is for self glorification and self amassment devoid of God’s plan. 

This is applicable not just to Church, but to all fields and branches including politics and families. 

Saying that Nagaland for Christ is not given by Naga people nor India, but by God, General Ningkhan, who is the 7th General to have received the chief of the Naga Army title in NSCN history, said Nagas existence is rooted in Christ and our solution needs to be in fine tune with this principle. 

Revd. Zaklei Kaping, pastor Phungyo Baptist Church pronounced the opening blessings while Revd. Somi Kasomwoshi, pastor Ukhrul town Baptist Church led the congregation in praying for the Naga nation. 

As part of the event the Naga Army presented a beautiful special number. The day-long program ended with prayer by Revd. Remember Rimai, pastor Union Baptish Church Ukhrul. 

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