Environmental awareness programme organised in Ukhrul


Ukhrul: Khamatek, in collaboration with the Directorate of Environment & Climate Change Govt. of Manipur and ADC, Ukhrul, organized an awareness campaign program on solid waste management and installation of a plastic bottle bank at Tangrei Community Hall on Sunday.

The program aimed to spread awareness about the importance of proper waste management and the adverse effects of indiscriminate disposal of waste on the environment.

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The program began with a welcome address by the organizers, followed by a speech from the chief guest, the Director of Environment & Climate Change Govt. of Manipur. He expressed concerns about the environmental changes that have been observed in Ukhrul, which was once a fine hill station with moderate climate and rich resources. He highlighted that abnormal rainfall patterns, soil erosion, and a rise in temperature are all caused by the widespread destruction of the environment. He appealed to all to preserve nature and dispose of solid waste properly.

Dr Brajakumar emphasized that solid waste management is not only the responsibility of the Government, and sought cooperation from the public in safeguarding the environment. He also urged the local authority to frame some regulations on solid waste management for the residents to follow. He stated that traditional knowledge on waste management has to be blended with new methods for better management.

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As a part of the campaign, Khamatek installed 10 plastic bottle bank in Ukhrul. The bottle bank is intended to encourage people to collect plastic bottles and deposit them for recycling. The organizers hope that this initiative will promote sustainable waste management practices and reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and water bodies.

Secretary of Khamatek, Zimik, highlighted the detailed objectives of the organization in his welcome address. According to him, Tangrei would be the “model locality” of Ukhrul town, which is free from plastic waste within six months. He also added that they will organize different activities such as regular social work, cleanliness competition, and awareness campaigns on solid waste management to sensitize the people. Khamatek also aims to make Ukhrul town as the “Orchard town” where fruit trees like plum, apple and more will be planted alongside the road.

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During the program, Tangkhul Shanao Long president Thingreiphy Lungharwo highlighted the roles and responsibilities of women in waste management.

Hunphun/Ukhrul VA Secretary Worngam Muirangwo, Chairman of Tangrei Thotngashing Chiphang, ex-TNL President Artax Shimray, women and youth leaders also attended the programme.


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