Erosion threatens mass displacement in plain belt: Meghalaya

After a riverbank stretch of more than a kilometre is in danger of being washed away, which will leave many homeless is now appearing to be a major area of concern for those residing along the embankments of the Brahmaputra and Jinjiram rivers.

The erosion had earlier pushed many people from Assam into Meghalaya and is currently taking place near Old Bhaitbari, raising a concern for the local populace who feels it may lead to people moving up the hills since there would not be any land to take shelter.

The matter was also highlighted by the local MLA from Rajabala, Dr. Azad Zaman who has expressed his concern to Chief Minister, Conrad K. Sangma and according to the MLA, the Chief Minister has promised to look into the matter on an urgent basis.

 “The areas adjoining the villages of Quajani, Kasbari and Kolabari bordering Assam, have been threatened by erosion, which if unchecked could prove a huge threat to people in the coming days. I request you to instruct the line departments to look into the matter and issue instructions accordingly,” said Dr. Zaman.

If the same was not addressed at the earliest, the effect would be felt in the entire Old Bhaitbari area and could extend to Nalbari, Fershakandi, Magurmari, Garodubi and even in Haripur of Selsella constituency, the MLA added.

He also stated of making efforts to meet the officials of Brahmaputra Board in Guwahati to inform them of the situation and would also meet the Chief Minister to impress upon him the urgency of the matter.

“There are quite a few Meghalaya residents who will be displaced and if they are, most will be pushing into the hills as there is no land in the plain. This could again create conflict,” said the MLA.

The situation, most locals said, was akin to what happened earlier when the state witnessed large scale migration if resident from Assam, as the River Brahmaputra had washed away most of the land, forcing people to look for shelter in higher grounds.  


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