FEATHERHEADS Haokui officially launch Haonao MV; Thanks public support

Ukhrul: Featherheads Haokui have officially launched their official Haonao music video Tuesday at Town hall, Ukhrul.

Many friends, families as well as Tangkhul musicians and fans turned up to show their support for the official music video release. The program was hosted by Ngakuimi Awungshi.

A special performance of folk songs with Tingteila was presented by Awo Ningmaso Awungshi. This was followed by an introductory speech from Augustine Shimray thanking the supporters and showing his appreciation to the production team with special credits given to Mazanmung AC, the director and Reingamyo Varu, the videographer; Yein Chk and others in the team who made the MV release a possibility.

Straying from the conventional shooting locations like Shirui Phangrei which are often featured in many Tangkhul music videos, Haonao MV features beautiful, unique and unexplored landscapes of Raphei villages.

When asked why the team did not take conventional road, Augustine replied, “When our band visited Huishu for the North East Festival, I was captivated by the place and I wanted to present this picturesque and unexplored location to the people one day.”

Talking about the funds and financial struggles that have gone into produce this music video. Augustine shared that initially, when they came up with the idea of making the video they had no money to begin with. “Our music video was not funded or sponsored but it is through the support of the people present here and others who helped us financially and morally that we were able to make this MV Haonao.

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Explaining the meaning of the song, Augustine the vocal and percussionist said, ‘haouiret’ and tattoos are regarded by the society as bad but on a positive note it is a way of showing adoration for our ancestors and the way they lived. But then in many cases, there are youngsters who done ‘haokuiret’ and destroys the ideals of the ancestors by getting drunk and indulging in petty scuffles, contrasting much with the story that depicts the brave and courageous lives of our warrior ancestors and the cultured spirit passed down by our ancestors.

Through the lyrics of the song he wants to convey the message, at the same time highlight the misuse of drugs. Drugs can save life at the same time it can also take lives. The lyrics further explores the idea of addiction with reference to the mobile gadget. Singing the right note, the song hopes to rekindle the sense of culture and quality that once prevailed in the lives of the Tangkhul Naga ancestors.

Screening of the official MV and the official release of Haonao EP followed by live performance by the Featherheads Haokui enthralled the audience.

Talking to this reporter, Mazanmung AC expressed the difficulties faced during the video shooting. “As ambitious as the project was, it was very time consuming and challenging. However, it was worth it seeing the reaction of the people today. It inspires me to make more videos and take on more challenging projects.”

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