Festival of Cinemas of Manipur underway

Imphal: Manipur State Film Development Society (MSFDS) on April 14 inaugurated the last event of the year-long Golden Jubilee Celebration of Cinemas in Manipur.

Festival of Cinemas of Manipur (Multi Lingual) is held from April 14 to 29, 2022.

Padma Shri Aribam Syam Sharma, Kangabam Tomba, Km. Yengkhom Roma were present at the function as chief guest, guest of honour and president respectively.

Talking to this reporter, Sunzu Bachaspatimayum, Secretary of MSFDS said, “For the first time we are having multi lingual film festival. We are including other dialects spoken in Manipur.”

Tangkhul films, Kuki films, Kapui and Rongmei films and more will be screened on different days starting from April 15 to April 29, 2022.

“We are looking at Manipur as a whole, not Meiteilon. So, people who are making dialect films should come forward, get their film censored and submit them for national awards and state awards”, said Sunzu. He further said, “We should all get together and promote our cinemas because our stories should go out, not only in Manipur or our own place. It should go out from our borders and tell our stories to the world. That is the idea of this festival.”

Festival of Cinemas of Manipur 1

He also informed that two labs on filmmaking are conducted in the past and there are upcoming labs on basics of filmmaking and more. These festivals and programs are not only about showing films but it is focused on overall development of the filmmaking.

Tangkhul films like Manho, Thumkahai Lan will be screened on April 16 and 21 at around 1 pm. An award winning Tangkhul and Meiteilon bilingual film called Wonnam will also be screened on April 18 at 4 pm.

There will be felicitation of cast and crew after the screening.

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