Fire razes two Fishery quarters in Ukhrul

The family of Somingam A.S expressed their dismay at how the fire brigade could've saved their house if they would've paid attention to their cries and done things differently.

Ukhrul: A devastating fire broke out at Ukhrul’s Fishery quarter located at Phungreitang in the wee hours of Friday morning around 3:20 am.

Two families connecting houses, one of Fishery officer A.S Somingam of Ringui village, and the other of Ringamshang Athary from Sorte village were completely gutted in the fire. The whole structure of the houses, belongings, which the occupants said included, cellphones and other important office documents were razed to ashes.

No physical harm or casualty was reported.

The fire reportedly began from the resident of Ringamshang Athary, said A.S Somingam’s wife. At the time of the fire, there was only one male occupant at Athary’s house, who reportedly fled the scene right after the fire broke out. He is still missing and hasn’t returned. He could provide vital information about the origin on how the fire first broke out. It is reported that he did not alert the family next door, the residence of Somingam A.S nor the neighbors.

At the time of the initial fire breakout, there were three occupants at the residence of Somingam who were sleeping. The family said they were woken up to smoke and toxic smell that engulfed their house.

It is also reported that one LPG gas cylinder exploded from the residence of Ringamshang Athary during the fire.

It is worth mentioning that there was only one fire brigade at the scene and after it ran out of water there was no other fire brigade as reinforcement as the family had helplessly watch their houses burn to ashes. The fire brigade returned to its station for a refill, but it was all too late.

The family of Somingam A.S expressed their dismay at how the fire brigade could’ve saved their house if they would’ve paid attention to their cries and done things differently.

“It wasn’t too late. Our house was still intact and the fire hadn’t reached our house yet. When we requested them to move the fire brigade inside the compound and save my house, they didn’t react and poured all the water over the empty house. Nevertheless, we are thankful for their effort and we are glad that the fire was brought under control and didn’t spread further,” said Somingam’s wife.

Details as to what caused the fire outbreak was still sketchy at the time of filing this report.

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