First Poumai Naga (Poula) Grammar published

The first grammar of Poumai Naga language (Poula) is published by Brill (Leiden, Netherlands), one of the world's finest academic publishers.


The first grammar of Poumai Naga language (Poula) is published by Brill (Leiden, Netherlands), one of the world’s finest academic publishers. The book is authored by Dr. Sahiinii Lemaina Veikho (Ph.D. University of Bern, Switzerland), who is a native speaker of the language. Dr. Sahiinii took  seven years to complete the book.

The book comprises all aspects of Poula, including phonology, lexicon, morphosyntax, syntax and discourse. This work employs the tone periodic table, an innovative method used for documenting tone languages. A bilingual lexicon and a collection of fully-analysed texts are provided in the appendices. This research work represents an important contribution for the development of Poula literature. And a substantial contribution to the field of comparative Trans-Himalayan linguistics.

The book will be of interest for anyone interested in the Poumai Naga culture and language, and linguists, ethnographers and anthropologists working on the languages and people of the Himalayan region.

The book is available for orders ( For those community members who can’t afford to buy the book, the author has made a deal with the publisher to permit the community to produce a local edition of the book exclusively for the use of members of the speech community, not for commercial purpose. After a few months, the local addition will be available too for the community members.

Currently, Dr. Sahiinii heads the English department at Asufü Christian Institute, where he also works closely with the Poumai Naga and Mao community members to develop dictionaries and teaching materials. His research interest is on Angami-Pochuri languages to shed light on the phylogenetic position of the Angami-Pochuri clade as a whole within the Tibeto-Burman language family, also known as Trans-Himalayan

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