Flag hoisting ceremony of NPF held at Chingjaroi khullen


Ukhrul: Flag hoisting ceremony of Chingjaroi khullen, Naga People’s Front unit was held on Sunday at headman’s compound.

The programme was attended by ex-ADC member R Lawrence Tuizar, Chingjaroi khullen village authority, Youth, Shanao Long, NPF supporters, and well wishers.

Addressing the public, R Tuizar Lawrence appealed to maintain unity and peace of the village intact and not let the upcoming Manipur assembly elections play spoil sports. “Election will come and go, however, the village will not.”

As your lone vote is your voice, exercise it wisely, he further exhorted.

Appealing the people to vote back MLA Khashim to 45-Chingai (ST) AC seat, he maintained that more opportunities is in the pipeline and more developments will be initiated if he is re-elected.

NPF stands for Naga cause and it is the only party to protect the rights of the tribal. It is a party that is strongly rooted for the future of younger generations, he added.

In his speech, RK. Thotmathing urged the villagers to support Framework Agreement signed on August 3, 2015 between government of India and NSCN-IM. “After struggling for the last many decades, should we give away what we have achieve. No, we cannot barter that as we have entered a crucial stage. We have to stand guard and support NPF because this is the only party that will stands for your rights and identity”.

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Post the flag hoisting programme at headman’s compound, NPF’s flag was also hosted at unit president, R. Chinaomi residence.

Chingjaroi khullen Naga Peoples Front 1

Delivering a short speech, SK. Thomas Ahao, village intellectual, narrated the inception of NPF as a political party of the Nagas cutting across geographical boundaries. “If you are the true son’s of Naga, you have to step over your own interest and cast your valuable vote to NPF because when there is no way out for you tomorrow it is the only party that will come to your rescue.”

Four political parties are in the fray namely INC, NPP, BJP and NPF. But in the context of forthcoming polls even if we all have unavoidable families affiliations, we all must rise above that. When you are in need of help it is not the BJP, NPP and Congress that will come to your safety, but NPF, he added.

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Don’t always blame the NSCN. Tomorrow where will you be if there is no NSCN, he pointed out. “NPF is the right political platform for the Nagas. It is the only party that will protect your rights, culture, and indentity,” Ahao affirmed.

Commenting on why he choose NPF over other political parties, R Chinaomi, president NPF Chingjaroi Khullen unit said NPF is the right party for the Nagas.

He then calls for accountable and transparent functioning of the party units so that the needs of the people are equally taken care of and not make it an exclusive domain of the unit leaders.

Making a clarion call for free and fair election, he had urged the villagers not to incite violence in the name of parties but to cast their valued votes in the atmosphere of peace and not force.

Speaking at the occasion, NPF intending ADC candidate, Leo Tharmi Raikhan exuded growing confidence of the NPF party in the village. “Victory is surely ours and the writing on the wall tells it all.”

He also lauded the NPF unit executives for thier unceasing work.

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