Check out this delicious Mushroom 🍄 Chutney Recipe

Mushroom 🍄 Chutney Recipe Ingredients: Mushrooms, Oil, Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Fermented fish, salt, King chilli paste, turmeric leaf STEPS :1) Soak mushrooms 🍄 2) Heat oil, Add...

How to cook Tangkhul Naga Pork with just chilly powder, salt , water & yongpa (dry basil)

Ingredients: Red chilly powder, salt , water & yongpa (dry basil). For authentic taste, local red chilly powder from Nagaland or Manipur is recommended. Steps: 1)...

Freshwater Snail🐌 Recipe

Ingredients: Snail, galangal ( loklei in Manipur ), ginger, hooker chives, garlic chives, potato, Sichuan pepper leaves, culantro, fermented fish, pork fats and dry king...

Smoked Pork with bamboo-shoot

#smokedpork + #Axone + #freshbambooshoot + #frozencherrytomatoes as the main ingredients & spices and it's a mind blowing Combo!! Please try, if you haven't....

Splitgill Mushroom 🍄 Chutney Recipe

“A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe” – Thomas Keller. Everyone want’s to eat good authentic ethnic...

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