Former ZUF Lieutenant Ngamchui Phaomei joins NSCN-IM

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Dimapur: ‘Lieutenant’ Ngamchui Phaomei bearing Army No. ZA297, son of Kadimiang Phaomei from Luangraeng village, Manipur, an active member of Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) joined the NSCN-IM recently.

A press statement from the NSCN-IM said today that Ngamchui Phaomei “finally realized” the true colour of ZUF, devoid of any political vision. “It was only a smokescreen that ZUF leaders have created to fulfil their scheme of things”. According to the NSCN-IM statement, Ngamchui admitted that he realized that ZUF was never a platform to pursue the cause of anything genuine for the Nagas, let alone the cause of the Zeliangrong. Ngamchui also asserted that the purported movement of the ZUF is devoid of any vision but simply a cruel hoax played upon by a few ZUF leaders with vested interests exploiting the name of “Zeliangrong”, the NSCN-IM statement further said. He lamented that much bloodshed had been shed and precious lives lost as the ZUF movement was mere hogwash and nothing more and nothing less, it added.

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According to the NSCN-IM press release, Ngamchui ridiculed the signing of the “Cessation of Operation”(CoO) with the government of Manipur on December 27, 2022. It was a total “sell-out” and a “scam”, the statement also said. “On that very day, to present a ‘deceptive’ show of strength, the ZUF leaders gathered more than 20 civilians from the surrounding areas who were treated with alcohol and the false promises of lucrative ranks within the ZUF. Going further, to gain their confidence they were made to submit their bio-data and their photo taken together with the ZUF cadres,” the press note quoting Ngamchui further added.

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Ngamchui also expressed optimism that better sense would eventually prevail upon the remaining 30 to 40 cadres who are still hoodwinked by the web of falsehood and absurdities in the hands of the deceitful ZUF leaders, the NSCN-IM statement said. He also expressed hope that the people of Khoupum and its adjoining areas would eventually muster the courage to disown these “scamsters” in the name of Zeliangrong and make a “U-turn” to work wholeheartedly towards the political cause of the Nagas under the visionary leadership of NSCN, the only legitimate political organization shouldering the weight of the Naga political movement, it also said. Ngamchui then urged the general public of the area to be vigilant of the false narrative being propagated by the ZUF in regard to their CoO which he acknowledged is detrimental to the principles of the historic Framework Agreement of August 3, 2015.

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Significantly, Ngamchui expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the NSCN/GPRN for warmly welcoming him into the fold, the NSCN-IM statement also added.

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