Gaming as a profession

Today, online gaming is considered as a sport. Professional gamers are making more money then we can imagine.

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Many parents today are concerned about their children’s addiction to smartphones. This might be considered a bane, but we can turn it into a boon if used the right way. With improvement in technology, nowadays, games can even be played on smartphones and we do not need expensive laptops and desktops. For parents who are concerned about their child’s careers, gaming might seem like a waste of time. Especially since they do not think of gaming as a professional e-sport. Excelling academically, getting into a good college and finding a stable government job with a good salary is of prime importance to them.

In our village, we have 7-10 boys who are avid gamers. The most played games are Mobile Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG). Since gaming can be addictive and hazardous for physical and psychological health, parents are rightly concerned about hindering school life and child’s future. However, we need to consider some professional aspects of gaming as well.

It is true that not every PUBG player earns money, rather they have to spend money on the game. The road to becoming a professional gamer is a very tough journey. Just like any other sport, they need both good infrastructure and hours and hours of practise. Many streamers earn lots of money by just playing PUBG and live streaming it. There are different platforms for livestreaming. Anyone can do it, however you need to be passionate and be good at the game to attract others who will follow your game intently. For YouTubers, their earnings depend on their content, supercharts and number of views they get on their videos. On the other hand, professional e-sports players can earn through their performance in online challenges and tournaments.

I would like to state that it is possible to make a career in gaming. To get a name in the industry, you have to dream big. The easiest way to earn income from PUBG is live-streaming on YouTube, as has been mentioned already. When you get support, and you being to see that people are beginning to enjoy your videos then you can ask your subscribers to donate money and you can earn through their support.


For example, #INDIA:SCOUT is a professional PUBG player whose real name is Tanmay Singh. He is very popular and play for Team Soul. Tanmay has represented India in many leagues across the world and he is only 23 years old. He is counted amongst the best players within the Indian Gaming Community. He is also one of the best assaulters in PUBG mobile. Scout’s income is higher than those of many teenagers his age. In 2021, he had over 4.2 million subscribers on YouTube and he earned around $1 million. He generates his income from YouTube and the sponsorship he receives through PUBG. His earns lacks on rupees every month just by playing PUBG professionally.

E-sports is on the rise worldwide and teams are run and managed just like any other sports team. When e-sports first appeared many people doubted its potential. In India, we now have NODWIN gaming, one of the biggest e-sports companies based in Gurgaon. NODWIN has announced its partnership with PVR Cinemas recently to telecast events in their theatres.

Today, online gaming is considered as a sport. Professional gamers are making more money then we can imagine. As the e-sports industry is only getting better, there is a bright future for aspiring players out there. However, we need to also consider the fact that online gaming is highly addictive and time consuming. It can lead to addictive and problematic behaviour just like any other form of addiction like smoking, alcohol and drugs. There are many cases wherein children in Korea, Japan etc have suffered terribly from the consequences of giving all of their time, money and interest only in playing online games day in and day out without taking care of their physical, psychological and social health.

Soyonao Lungleng

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