Global Naga Forum Condemns Killing of Ino Athuan Abonmai; Calls it Wanton Cruelty

"The murder of Athuan Abonmai and others like it debase our common humanity; they make animals of us all..."

The Global Naga Forum (GNF) calling the unnatural degree of cruelty and violence, the murder of Athuan Abonai, has denounced his killing in the strongest terms.

Calling the murder an intolerable abomination, GNF in a press release Saturday, stated “We say this not just as Naga men and women belonging to different tribes, professions, and age-groups from all the regions of the Naga homeland and overseas, but as decent human beings in solidarity with decent people of good will from around the world.”

“The murder of Athuan Abonmai and others like it debase our common humanity; they make animals of us all. They dehumanize not just the victims, who are treated like animals, but the perpetrators too, who turn themselves into animals by acting with such wanton cruelty,” it added.

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Reminding the long Naga people’s struggle for freedom and self-determination, GNF noted that the Naga people experienced disagreements, divisions, and tragic enmities.

Mourning the murder of Athuan Abonmai, sharing empathy with the deceased’s family, praying for the wife and children, parents, and relatives, Global Naga Forum stressed on non-violent negotiations and peaceful processes of healing, and stated it firmly believes it is time to start resolving problems with such means.

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